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Posted 2 years ago on 6/3

Back on ScrewAttack and I have no voice!

Posted 2 years ago on 5/27
Talk about ScrewAttack and Toonami

LEGO Batman - Episode 4 A Poisonous Appointment

Posted 2 years ago on 5/26
LEGO Batman part 4 is here. Please comment and Subscribe. Thankyou!

Battletoads Nes

Posted 2 years ago on 5/26
The Kwings play Battletoads for the Nes.

K-News Amazon lists Wii U Games for 50 bucks!

Posted 2 years ago on 5/17
Wii U Games for $49.99 SAY What?!

Batman Arkham City - New Game + It's Hammer Time!

Posted 2 years ago on 5/17
Mark Hamil to return as The Joker for Dc Universe DLC the Last Laugh. All this in more during my latest episode of Batman Arkham City.

LEGO Batman - Episode 1 You can Bank on Batman!

Posted 2 years ago on 5/16
LEGO BATMAN 2P Suka's Episode One - You Can Bank on Batman!

AwesomeNauts Review

Posted 2 years ago on 5/12
AwesomeNauts Review. But does the name live up to the game? Watch the Review to find out..or not.

K-News Nightwing in Lego Batman 2, Avengers get Wii U game and Uprising won't have a sequel

Posted 2 years ago on 5/10
Nightwing in Lego Batman 2 & The Avengers are coming to Wii U. Plus NEW Transformers Prime 3DS Trailer

Batman Arkham City - Batman rules the Night!

Posted 2 years ago on 5/10
You're going to melt just like a grilled cheese sandwich! Batsy!

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