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Destiny (Alpha) Fun First Impressions

Posted on 6/13
Knightwing01 usually doesn't play MMOs ... um yah XD here's some impressions of Destiny PS4

Swords & Soldiers II Exclusive Developer Commentary and Gameplay from PAX EAST 2014!

Posted on 4/19
Exclusive Developer Commentary - PAX East! Swords & Soldiers 2 Coming to the WiiU!

Nightwing Super Spy Dick Grayson Discussion and Lore!

Posted on 4/17
Nightwing is no more after the events of Forever Evil, enter Super Secret Agent Spy Grayson July 2014.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review

Posted on 2/11
In LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, it all ends here..but is it any good?

Two Minute Review - NES Remix

Posted on 1/29
Ready for some Retro Goodness!? NES Remix has you covered!

Retro Mondays - DOUBLE DRAGON (PSX) Review

Posted on 1/20 | Show: Retro Mondays
Retro Mondays is back! Kwing takes a look at DoubleDragon PSX from Monkey Paw Games! This version was originally released in 1995 in Japan

Gaming with the Kwings : Dr Luigi Nintendo Wii U

Posted on 1/13
Does Dr Luigi live up to all our childhood frustrations of the classic Dr Mario? Find out the Kwings' take on Dr Luigi for the WiiU in this episode of Gaming with the Kwings

Skylanders Swap Force : Part 1 Mount Cloudbreak!

Posted on 10/14
Like this video on youtube, and subscribe to the Kwingsletsplays channel, and you'll be entered to win a starter pack for skylanders swap force WiiU!

Rayman Legends Review!

Posted on 8/27
The Long Awaited Rayman Legends is fiinally coming to the WiiU, Xbox, and PS3 on Sept 3rd! How does it stack up against expectations? Find out, right here!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Giveaway Contest! Ends Aug 30th!

Posted on 8/26
I'm giving away 4 copies of Animal Crossing New Leaf on my Channel! Ahhhhhhhh

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