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3/30/13 12:41am

I did a little sketch of Mega Man which you can check out by clicking here: http://landonick.deviantart.com/art/Mega-Man-Sketch-360730035?q=gallery%...

2/3/13 2:11am

Takin' a break from uploading on my channel for a while, guys. Gonna think up some new ideas, don't have all the resources yet, etc. Stay subbed though! Enjoy my music vids and my playlists n' such! I'll be back there before ya know it!

1/31/13 10:30pm
LandonME posted a new video

Is ReBoot getting rebooted?

Stop teasing us, Rainmaker!
12/12/12 5:28pm

I now refuse to watch Game Theory because of their bashing mah boy Sonic. He is the fasting thing alive and always will be and no amount of "science" or "logic" will ever change that. (No offence to MatPat and the guys. keep doin' what you're doin'.)

11/30/12 1:58am
LandonME posted a new video

The Legend of Zelda Timeline

Gametrailers has finally revealed the secrets of the Zelda universe!!!
11/24/12 12:48am

hey people. just wanting yall to know that im gonna stop posting the Mega Man episodes here on my page because my time budget needs to put to better use as of late. so i apologize if anyone is used to seeing them here rather than on my YouTube page but i simply do not have the amount of time anymore. my yt is here: youtube.com/tvlord17

11/16/12 10:33pm
Gaijin Goombah wrote on LandonME's profile.


10/20/12 11:57pm

anybody got any thoughts on Windows 8 yet?

9/14/12 12:38am
LandonME posted a new video

New Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

More Wreck-It Ralph? Yes please! More Sonic in Wreck-It Ralph? uh... HELL YES!? Seriously thats not even a question!