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All videos posted by lonearcherfilms

Film Learnin: Change your Eye Color!

Posted on 10/18 | Show: Film Learnin
Blue? Red? Any color you want!

Film Learnin: Turn Yourself into a Retro Game Sprite!

Posted on 10/13 | Show: Film Learnin
Become the Hero of your own retro game adventure with this cool effect!

Gone Girl - Movie Review

Posted on 10/8 | Show: Random Thoughts
Is this the best movie of the year? Let's find out!

Film Learnin: How to Build a Street Fighter-style energy bar!

Posted on 10/6 | Show: Film Learnin
we get energized with this awesome energy bar effect!

The Equalizer - Movie Review

Posted on 10/2 | Show: Random Thoughts
Denzel is back and badass! but is the movie around him any good? Let's find out!

Film Learnin: Make a Retro Start & Character Select Screen!

Posted on 9/27 | Show: Film Learnin
Put yourself in a retro style game!

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For movie review

Posted on 9/23 | Show: Random Thoughts
It took 9 years for this sequel... is it worth the wait? Let's find out!

Turtle Week: Final Judgement & Favourite moments

Posted on 9/22 | Show: Random Thoughts
Which TMNT movie reigns supreme? Let's find out!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Movie Review (2014)

Posted on 9/17 | Show: Random Thoughts
Is it any good, or are we about to get shell shocked?

Turtles Forever - Movie Review

Posted on 9/16 | Show: Random Thoughts
Generations of TMNT in one movie? That can't work... right?