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Film Learnin: Microphones & RØDE SmartLav+ review!

Posted at 7:45pm | Show: Film Learnin
This week we talk microphones, and review the new SmartLav+ mic from Rode!

Film Learnin: Pokemon throw and reveal effect!

Posted on 7/26 | Show: Film Learnin
Throw and reveal your Pokémon with this super cool effect!

Video Games: The Movie review - Random Thoughts

Posted on 7/21 | Show: Random Thoughts
Grant reviews the kickstarter funded doco!

Film Learnin: Call of Duty First Person Shooter effect!

Posted on 7/20 | Show: Film Learnin
Call of Duty goes Live action in this week's effect!

Film Learnin: GoPro Basic First Person Shooter effect!

Posted on 7/15 | Show: Film Learnin
This week Grant shows you how to turn your GoPro footage into a sweet FPS effect!

Dawn of the planet of the apes review: Random Thoughts

Posted on 7/13 | Show: Random Thoughts
A 100% spoiler-free review of Dawn of the planet of the apes, what did we think of it?

Film Learnin: Anime speed fighting effect!

Posted on 7/7
In this episode, we take anime fighting live action with this super easy effect!

Random Thoughts: Transformers - Age of extinction review

Posted on 7/4 | Show: Random Thoughts
What did I think of Transformers 4? let's find out!

Random Thoughts: Teenage mutant ninja turtles trailer review

Posted on 6/29 | Show: Random Thoughts
In this episode, Grant shares his view on the new TMNT live action film!

Film Learnin: Panasonic GH4 first look!

Posted on 6/29 | Show: Film Learnin
Today we check out the world's cheapest 4K movie camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4!

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