Posted on 6/5/14 1:35pm

Phoenix Wright makes his case the on the 3DS in HD fashion

Prepare to relive Phoenix Wright's adventure in HD.

Posted on 3/26/14 5:02pm

The GBA Virtual Console lineup on Wii U is revealed in a sizzle trailer

Get ready to play some great classics on the big screen... or on the game pad.

Posted on 7/6/13 5:10pm

Tales of Xillia 2 will be making its way west

The first one hasn't even been released yet!

Posted on 6/4/13 10:09am

I miss the g1s.

Posted on 5/7/13 12:34pm
Posted on 4/8/13 1:00pm

Tales of Xillia gets a release date for North America

JRPG fans have been waiting and now we have it!

Posted on 3/1/13 6:00pm

PSN is giving back in PlayStation's March deals

Spend money to get some money back?

Posted on 2/13/13 12:02pm

[Rumor] Is The Last of Us getting delayed?

Is the world really ending?

Posted on 2/9/13 10:22pm

Damn you College! I miss my video games!

Posted on 1/24/13 9:56pm

Omg I'm almost to 10 subscribers. 0_0

Posted on 1/24/13 9:02pm

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Announced

Can't get enough One Piece?

Posted on 1/22/13 12:31pm

Newly Announced Colors for PS3

Now you can have the USA flag on your entertainment center!

Posted on 1/21/13 12:55pm
Posted on 1/17/13 3:02pm
Posted on 1/17/13 2:06pm

Classic White PS3 Comes to North America

Can we finally say "FINALLY"?

LoneWolf1992boi posted a new video
Posted on 1/15/13 4:32pm

Live Action Toy Story Movie!

Toy Story with real toys? Check it out!

Posted on 12/9/12 4:01pm

Does any g1 play Persona 4 Arena? I want to improve my skills for an upcoming tournament.

Posted on 11/29/12 2:27pm

New Playstation Vita Bundle W/Playstation Plus & Unit 13

If your looking for a Vita bundle here may be one for you.

Posted on 10/9/12 11:52am

Happy one year anniversary Advantage Content!

Posted on 10/5/12 2:43pm

I don't understand the point of this profile thing since I never use it. Who does use it?

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