Posted on 6/12/15 8:00pm
Posted on 2/24/15 5:54pm

Archie's "Worlds Unite" Brings Much More than Mega Man X and Sonic Boom to the Crossover Sequel

Who says only video games can have big cross company cross-overs.

CriDiCaL86 wrote on LordoftheDerp's profile.
Posted on 12/18/14 9:07pm

Just wanted to say, thats one of the best online handles, EVER!! Jealousy level 15 out of 10!!!!

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Posted on 10/8/14 8:41pm

Sackboy vs. House: Hugh Laurie stars as Newton in Little Big Planet 3

The mad doctor joins the Guide to the Galaxy in "guiding" you through Sony and Sumo's latest platforming romp..

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Posted on 10/1/14 2:39pm

A NEW PERFORMER TAKES THE STAGE! Eliza finally cames to Skullgirls!

Yes, there are still fighting games besides Smash Bros. out there.

Posted on 6/10/14 9:57am

My Body is Reggie

Posted on 5/24/14 11:47am

Challenger Approaching! - A Mysterious Mercenary

The Clock is ticking, counting to the big reveal of the next Third Party Smash Bros.

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Posted on 3/6/14 10:52am

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, announced on indiegogo. Yes Really.

No seriously. It's got a trailer and everything.

Posted on 2/15/14 12:30pm

gi Collaborative Writing challenge -"You Are Dead - Chapter 1"

Let's write a book together! Spoiler Alert: You're dead. Yes, you.

Posted on 1/31/14 5:54pm

Archie Announces "Mega Man X meets Mega Man OG" (name not final) For This Spring

I would call this "jumping the shark," but Metal Shark Player doesn't show up until X6.

Posted on 1/27/14 7:20pm

Nintendo Force Magazine Needs YOUR help to Kickstart year 2.

Keep the spirit of Nintendo Power burning for another 365.

Posted on 10/4/13 5:10pm

Mega Man X joins the cast of Archie's Mega Man

Super Fighting ROBOT! 2.0! AS A BOOK!

Posted on 9/14/13 10:26am
Posted on 9/12/13 6:42am
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Posted on 8/17/13 9:16am

Pokemon: The Origin Debut Trailer

With no Ash or Pikachu in sight, the games that started an empire finally get the proper anime treatment, Genwunners rejoice, Red has returned.

Posted on 8/7/13 10:10am

New stage revealed for Smash Bros. Wii U

It's something from the Super Nintendo, I know that much.

Posted on 7/31/13 8:46am

What Kingdom Hearts 3 Should Be: Part 3 – The Plot and Mechanics

Boobs, science, swords, dicks, boobs, explosions, forfeited weapons, rehabilitation, more boobs, cameos, and a ducks without pants. Did I mention boobs?

Posted on 7/18/13 4:00pm

Kingdom Hearts X (chi) comes to browsers tomorrow

If you live in Japan or even read Japanese, this may better for you than Farmville.

Posted on 7/15/13 10:54am

"Ultra Street Fighter 4" Revealed at EVO Street Fighter 4 Championship

Dang. I was hoping for "Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - Turbo Remix: Give Us Yo' Money! Version"

Posted on 7/13/13 9:10am

Challenger Approaching! - Pikmin and Olimar join the Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS roster!

(To the tune of Major Tom) This is Olimar to ground control, I have not left forevermore! And I'm going make those Smashers pay! They will see a lot of stars, todaaaaayyy.

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