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4/20/14 1:58pm

http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/736/879/21f.jpg Charizard lost the DEATH BATTLE, but let's face it, he won where it counts.

4/18/14 7:49am

I am now 1/5 of a century old. What a joy.

4/11/14 12:17am
Captain Gamer wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

It occurs to me - a whole week later - that there seems to be no direct response feature in the blog system here. So I'll repeat what I said in response to your comment on last week's article: Thank you for your kind feedback! I am sure that there are tons of people who are deeply into this game as we are. Someone just needs to say something!

4/8/14 10:39pm

Zelda = Stand User confirmed. If I don't see artwork of Rosotaro and Luma Platinum VS. Zeldio and The Phantom World in the next 2 weeks I'll be upset.

4/7/14 7:34am

Another point I forgot to mention in my blog. The Super Mario Bros. series is much manlier. http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Massifs.jpg

3/30/14 8:16am
VajraMarkAsura100 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

LousyTactician, I'm thinking about making a Master Chief Vs Prophet blog. What advantages can do you know and who would really win?

3/26/14 9:43pm

http://youtu.be/R9BNcETAHQQ?t=43s Why on Earth hasn't this been localized? This is pure gold!

3/22/14 4:00pm

For anyone interested in knowing, as of now each of the 3 contenders has at least 1 person putting their chips in on that contender.

3/8/14 1:55am
VajraMarkAsura100 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

Lousy. two questions, from what we both saw in the video of introducing Luigi, what factors do you think will help him against Tails. Another question is Yoda (Star Wars) Vs Meta Knight (Kirby) a good death battle to you or a mismatch?

3/7/14 4:06pm
SuperBrawlhero wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

Hey, Lousy ! What do you think of the outcome of Shao Khan VS Akuma or Ristar VS Starfy ?

3/1/14 4:43pm
ultraguy wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

So Lousy I downloaded that Dangan Ronpa game when I got back home for spring break this week.........I can't wait to try it once I get back to my campus and have access to the Vita charge cable I accidentally left there :P

2/28/14 2:35pm

I'm beginning to hope that one day Platinum Games will make a Kill La Kill action game. That would possibly be the most awesome thing to ever exist if it ever happened.

2/27/14 11:33pm
comicking428. wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

I was actually planning on reviewing Super Power Beat Down but just now noticed you reviewed it already. Do you mind if I do a review on it, I've seen all the episodes (11 next week when they release the new one) and have developed more opinions on the indivuidual matchups and the show in general.

2/11/14 10:02pm

I've begun playing Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. It's basically Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney + Persona + high school kids being forced to murder each other. I'm only a couple hours in, so it could always shit itself later on, but as of now I suggest anyone with a PS Vita buy it. Naturally, my favorite character thus far is the blatantly evil Goth lolita. Though several characters might take her place. Still, I'll be sad if, and when, she dies. http://media.tumblr.com/abb3866da82fa0d453b3efc336843076/tumblr_inline_m...

2/1/14 11:25pm

I started watching Samurai Flamenco after someone told me it was an anime version of Kick Ass. I'm a little disappointed it seems to only be like that for the first couple episodes, but it's still pretty good. I kind of want to see a fight between its main character and Kick Ass or Zebraman now.

1/30/14 8:16pm
VajraMarkAsura100 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

I have a question. This death battle about Pit (Kid Icarus) Vs Sora (Kingdom Hearts). Do you think Pit would win cause I have the feeling he would take Sora and I don't think I have researched both of them enough yet. What are your thoughts?

1/2/14 1:25am

*Giant spoiler warning for those who haven't played Xenoblade* Can any of Xenoblade's fans explain something to me? It's pretty well established in the game that after learning the Faced Mechon contain the bodies of real people Shulk refuses to kill them, even when they contain super douchey villainous people. So why the hell did the game make Mass Produced Face Mechon a regular enemy, and almost require me to slaughter a small army of them for experience points? I know that it's possible the mass produced ones differ from the regular ones and don't have people in them, but I have never seen it outright stated. And for Agnostic god's sake, you get an item called 'Bloodstained Face' for defeating these Mass Produced mechon! ...So I think I created a small genocide consisting of folks kidnapped and turned into giant robots. http://xenoblade.wikia.com/wiki/Bloodstained_Face

12/30/13 1:47pm
Lousy’s Artistic Art Presentation of Art 2: The Artening (Now with more Dafoe)

Lousy’s Artistic Art Presentation of Art 2: The Artening (Now with more Dafoe)

AHA! I bet you didn’t expect to see this thumbnail in your feed, did you Tinnie!? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!...To anyone who isn't Tinnie: I promise this makes sense if you read the blog.
12/26/13 11:31am

http://www.smashbros.com/images/character/zelda/screen-2.jpg Hmm Does this mean Zelda will have a Stand too? She certainly poses like a Stand user http://www.smashbros.com/images/character/zelda/screen-7.jpg If so, I'm looking forward to seeing Rosa Rosestar's fight with Zel-Dio Brando...Yes, I can't stop making Jojo's Bizarre Adventure jokes.


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