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LousyTactician's Wall

9/20/14 3:06am

I've finished Super DanganRonpa 2. It was somehow more optimistic, yet at the same time more horribly fucked up than the previous game.

8/29/14 12:37pm

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BwOPU74CIAIhq0n.jpg I have waited 2 very long years for this moment.

8/28/14 11:16pm
VajraMarkAsura100 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

Lousy, another question (If you don't mind). This isnt about death battles. For some reason, some of my images that I'm writing a blog on don't appear. It's not a photoshop file. It's only JPG. I haven't published it and I'm wondering how I should get the images to upload. Is it because I haven't publish it yet or is it the file is not correct?

8/26/14 1:43pm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7Cs4L1JALY As long as Hawlucha is playable it's a day 1 buy for me. Dem potential lucha libre grapples.

8/9/14 12:03pm

I've already seen it subbed, but I'm now heading south to the big city to watch Battle of Gods dubbed in a theater. How hilarious would it be if I befriended a bunch of other DBZ fans only to as I am leaving say, "BTW, I predicted Superman would win his DEATH BATTLE against Goku and now do some volunteer research for the show." *Runs for dear life*

7/28/14 3:49am

I'm not one to post about Smash since others do more than enough of that, but...Oh the sadness. It really wish Takamaru got in as a playable character rather than an assist. Oh well. On the bright side his design looks WAY better than it did in Orochi or Captain Rainbow.

7/25/14 8:49pm
Kirby kid wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

I come asking forgiveness in the lack of alliteration in my recent analysis! (Though I did try to include a pun)

7/10/14 8:53pm
VajraMarkAsura100 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

Lousy... I have a question. Umm about the SGC and Godzilla Vs Gamera death battle.. is there any chance that anyone online can see it by live?

7/5/14 3:08am

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNoQ5NY7Z_8 Why on Earth didn't I start watching this show sooner?

6/25/14 9:22pm

I strongly advise anyone with some time to kill, or who wants something to watch in the background while doing work catch Awesome Games Done Quick's stream. http://gamesdonequick.com/ They've got an speedrun event going on till this Saturday, and are playing through some pretty awesome games...Quickly.

6/24/14 9:09pm
ClassicGameGuys wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

I hear that Kirby survives a planetary explosion in Kirby Triple Deluxe. By any chance do you have a link to this video? Just asking because I know you are an expert on Kirby.

6/15/14 12:16pm
Omega Man wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

Would you consider doing a death analysis on Percy Jackson?

6/13/14 3:23pm

My first paycheck for my new job has arrived and I'm using it to invest into my future...By pre-ordering the limited addition of Dangan Ronpa 2 (I want those sunglasses). http://store.nisamerica.com/danga2_le.jpg

6/12/14 4:18pm
DEATH ANALYSIS: The Pint-sized Petite Prepubescent Pitty Patty of Pretty Palutena’s Platoon

DEATH ANALYSIS: The Pint-sized Petite Prepubescent Pitty Patty of Pretty Palutena’s Platoon

The wussiest looking yet oddly badass commander of god’s forces to ever exist.
6/10/14 1:35pm
psb123 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

So Lousy. The Mii's now have both Arm Cannons and Layton Top Hats. http://www.ssbwiki.com/images/b/b4/SSB4_Mii_Fighter_Screen-10.jpg Thoughts?

6/10/14 11:53am

"Humans are simple, selfish little creatures who are driven by greed. Sounds a lot like us gods wouldn't you say?" Palutena = Best goddess.

6/9/14 5:10pm

http://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/27j2x0/dragon_ball_z_why_go... This theory adds credence to my DICK BATTLE blog being 100% correct! If only it were true.

6/9/14 12:01am
VajraMarkAsura100 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.

I have a question Lousy. I know ALOT about Godzilla. Ben and Chad decided to make Godzila Vs Camera. I know Godzilla has the atomic breath, immense strength, and like other pulse attacks. Although I don't know much about Gamera except his abilities and defense. I feel like Gamera could win this fight but I want to hear your opinions. What are your thoughts? I'm all ears.

6/2/14 11:56am

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DhubZRnWw4 More proof that Scorpion is better than Sub-Zero.