Posted on 8/24/15 3:34pm

*Sees a brain-dead Other M defender shit-talking the Prime series* Ugh, why do these people still exist? Should I even waste my time?

Posted on 8/18/15 1:39pm

The Lousy Riddle Revealed!

The incomprehensible becomes comprehensible.

Posted on 8/12/15 10:36pm

So, serious debate: Fuck, marry, kill: Bowser, Dedede, K. Rool.

Yoshirocks92 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 7/26/15 10:47pm

Hey there Lousy.

Posted on 7/18/15 10:28pm

Feels good being back in America.

VajraMarkAsura100 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 7/13/15 4:18pm

Question about Pit. Could Pit actually fly on his own? In the Kid Icarus: Uprising, we see that Pit needed help flying from Paluntena. In Smash Bros 4, Pit could somewhat fly on his own. Is it actually possible Pit could fly on his own to some degree?

Posted on 7/13/15 1:37pm
Posted on 7/13/15 12:35am

This is truly saddening. R.I.P Iwata. I considered and still consider you the ideal a CEO and exec should strive to be.

Posted on 7/4/15 12:47am

For the first time in my life I'll sadly have to celebrate Freedom Day outside of Freedom Land.

Posted on 6/26/15 4:45am
Torru369 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 6/18/15 11:46pm

May as well bring up this topic again. Your waifu and/or husbando? I wanna try a fdmale Nohr path first so maybe Jakob if Azura isn't an option. For a male Hoshido Kazahana, still wish Ike could have been with Mia.

Posted on 6/18/15 3:24pm

Defense of the Galactic Federation Force

I understand the Dread (or lack thereof). But you’ve all gone too far.

Posted on 6/16/15 12:10am

So, between Shenmue 3 and the Final Fantasy VII remake, I've basically woken up to the internet apocalypse.

Homestucklover wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 6/15/15 9:31pm

isn't it hilarious how the blog you just made now has two coincidences XD

Posted on 6/15/15 6:03am

Mother 4: The Power of the Name of the Game

The developer of another Mother.

Posted on 6/15/15 12:41am Everybody be obsessin' over Fallout 4. And I'm just here getting hyped for Dishonored 2.

Posted on 6/13/15 5:07am Given that Capcom now has 2 3rd party reps in Smash I have to wonder, why the hell haven't they just made Nintendo VS. Capcom yet? Anyway, Roy and Ryu's inclusion is pretty cool (still would of preferred a new FE character, but whatevs). Now we just need a trailer where Snake suddenly appears behind both of them, puts them in a choke-hold, and says, "Kept you waiting, huh?"

Posted on 6/7/15 10:27am

Greetings from Spain! It took me so long to figure out where the hell I was going.

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