Posted on 12/19/14 4:13am

Trenchcoat user #1 revealed. Though I'll admit the next fight is one of the few where my preferred character is the one who doesn't wear the trenchcoat.

Master Wayne wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 12/16/14 3:02pm

damn it... why arnt you on twitter!!!???

Posted on 12/1/14 7:45pm

I've just realized if my predictions are correct, and if the fights actually happen, 3 trench coat users are going to die in DEATH BATTLE at some point.

Posted on 11/29/14 2:53am

So, Sonic fanboys? How are those DEATH BATTLE victories treating you? I bet you're all estatic about them. I bet you're also estatic about the fact that your franchise has been reduced to this.

Posted on 11/22/14 2:25pm

Over 30 years of advancement in the RPG genre, and I am still going into random folk's houses to steal their stuff in Dragon Age Inquisition. And I love it.

SuperBrawlhero wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 11/16/14 10:39am

Hey Lousy ! I lately noticed something interesting (I asked few other folks about it as well), it seems like the entire final battle of "Squeak Squad" took place inside a blackhole :

SonDeathBattle wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 11/6/14 10:13pm

I remember when you used to say DBZ didn't have planet level striking power.I know I'm very late when sayng this, but oh has times changed.Naruto Forums accepted it finally.Also, in the BoG sub, the word was Solar System in an instant;Mistranslation.The dub however, lol @ galaxy cluster Beerus.

ultraguy wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 10/30/14 12:37pm

So Lousy apparently you changing your mugshot set off a chain reaction in the screwattacks Death Battle community. Literally everyone we know changed their mugshot last week because of that(Your a trend setter I guess).

Kirby kid wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 10/24/14 2:21pm

So you can listen to Pit and Palutena talk about the other fighters together... Oh lord I can already see Palutena commenting on how Pit is looking at her.

Posted on 10/11/14 8:40pm

I've thought up a great idea for a Horror Murder Mystery Adventure game. 7 'researchers' for a fictional show that is a big mock-up/parody of DEATH BATTLE (I'm thinking 'BLOOD BATTLE') go on a trip to an isolated ski resort along with 13 (number symbolism!) 'enthusiastic' fans who won a contest created by BLOOD BATTLE. The contest allowed them to spend a week with said researchers on a trip of their liking. Naturally, the way home becomes mysteriously blocked off, and several of the fans who aren't too happy with the results of specific fights decide to attempt to kill members of the research team. *Note*: Not all the fans are murderous, thus creating a 'whodunnit' atmosphere. Part of their murder methods involve disguising, or rather 'cosplaying', as the fictional characters who lost their lives thanks to the show while they commit the murders. Some fans who are innocent, but learn too much about a muderer's identity also end up kicking the bucket. Who lives? Who dies?

LSwan62 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 10/9/14 7:23pm

Hey Lousy, mind taking a look at my blog on Darkseid? I even included a COIE history lesson for all those driven mad by DC cosmic lore.

Posted on 10/7/14 9:34pm

Good Agnostic Christ! After 25 years Twin Peaks is actually getting a 3rd season! I'm not sure how to feel honestly, but at least we might actually be able to see a definitive end for the show.

Posted on 9/20/14 2:06am

I've finished Super DanganRonpa 2. It was somehow more optimistic, yet at the same time more horribly fucked up than the previous game.

Posted on 8/29/14 11:37am I have waited 2 very long years for this moment.

VajraMarkAsura100 wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 8/28/14 10:16pm

Lousy, another question (If you don't mind). This isnt about death battles. For some reason, some of my images that I'm writing a blog on don't appear. It's not a photoshop file. It's only JPG. I haven't published it and I'm wondering how I should get the images to upload. Is it because I haven't publish it yet or is it the file is not correct?

Posted on 8/26/14 12:43pm As long as Hawlucha is playable it's a day 1 buy for me. Dem potential lucha libre grapples.

Posted on 8/9/14 11:03am

I've already seen it subbed, but I'm now heading south to the big city to watch Battle of Gods dubbed in a theater. How hilarious would it be if I befriended a bunch of other DBZ fans only to as I am leaving say, "BTW, I predicted Superman would win his DEATH BATTLE against Goku and now do some volunteer research for the show." *Runs for dear life*

Posted on 7/28/14 2:49am

I'm not one to post about Smash since others do more than enough of that, but...Oh the sadness. It really wish Takamaru got in as a playable character rather than an assist. Oh well. On the bright side his design looks WAY better than it did in Orochi or Captain Rainbow.

Kirby kid wrote on LousyTactician's profile.
Posted on 7/25/14 7:49pm

I come asking forgiveness in the lack of alliteration in my recent analysis! (Though I did try to include a pun)

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