Posted on 2/26/15 2:22pm

My Top Ten Underrated Gems

We all know the Marios and Links of the world, but what about those forgotten gems?

Posted on 7/2/14 1:56pm

LurchenGamer's Top Five Anime Openings

Often times the opening can make or break the show.

Posted on 2/19/14 12:10am

Top Five Reasons I Disappeared From Screwattack

It has been a very long time since I poked my head onto this website. Here's why I've been a stranger.

Posted on 9/2/13 10:00am

My Top 10 Friendship Killing Games

Wish to put your friendship to the test? Pop one of these ten games in!

Posted on 8/5/13 3:30pm

Retro Flashback: My Top Ten N64 Games

It's time to finally reveal my top ten games for the console that started me in gaming.

Posted on 7/24/13 11:54am

Top Ten Games I Need to Hurry Up and Play!

As sad as this is, I have NEVER played most of the games on this list!

Posted on 7/12/13 11:54am

BS: Are Video Games Art?

Let's discuss this age old topic.

Posted on 7/10/13 4:01pm

My Top Ten Generation 7 Titles

With gamers slowly approaching the 8th generation of gaming, I figured it was time to count down my top ten games of this last generation.

Posted on 7/9/13 12:55pm

Picked up four great titles on ebay really cheap! Got Parasite Eve and Heart of Darkness (SEALED, I believe) for the PS1. For the PS2 I picked up Onimusha: Warlords and Chaos Legion. Only spent 26 on all of that! Will have my next BS! blog out FRIDAY! Should have a special top ten out tomorrow!

Posted on 7/5/13 12:30pm

BS: Are Video Games too Easy Now?

I've heard plenty of complaints about how easy games are nowadays. Let's bust this BS!

Posted on 7/4/13 4:44pm

Top 5 Voice Actors in Gaming

Whose behind the voices of our favorite characters?

Posted on 7/4/13 10:20am

Top Five Best/Worst Gaming Controllers

Let's Just try to control the situation here, alright?

Posted on 6/29/13 4:37pm

Persona 4 The Golden Review

Atlus stays "golden" with this smash JRPG remake.

Posted on 6/28/13 11:25am

Top Ten Cockiest Characters In Gaming

Who are the smugest of all smug jerks in gaming?

Posted on 6/27/13 1:35pm

Top Five WORST Movie Based Games

This list was bound to happen, following my other blog about the top five best! So, let's count down my top five worst Movie-based games!

Posted on 6/25/13 4:57pm

Top Five Movie Based Games

I count down my favorite Movie-based titles, and I promise this list might be a bit of a shock to you. Top Five AWAYYYYYY!!!!

Posted on 6/24/13 10:18pm

Losing Your Life In a Game

Sure, there are things that can be considered "addicting". But have you ever played a game so much that you actually begin caring more about their world than your own? Well, this is my personal adventure with a game that did just that.

LurchenGamer posted a new video
Posted on 6/8/13 6:08pm

Sega Dreamcast: The Console that Should've Never Failed

Why did this beauty of a console fail? I have a little discussion about it.

LurchenGamer posted a new video
Posted on 6/6/13 8:01pm

My Top Ten Most Addicting Games

I count down my top ten most addicting games that I have ever played. We all have that one game that makes it impossible to actually, you know, live! These are my top ten!

Posted on 5/29/13 12:22pm

Top Five Consoles With a Failure to Launch

You all know those consoles that promised a lot, but ended up falling flat on their face right out of the gate? Well, here are the top five!

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