Madhog thy Master

Posted on 11/23/14 9:38am

Master Vlog: "The Journal of The Two Sisters" (Part 2)

This book has "a modicum dose of vagueness."

Posted on 11/19/14 1:58pm
Posted on 11/18/14 1:32pm
Posted on 11/17/14 11:14am
Posted on 11/13/14 2:44pm

AS Film Festival in the Weekend

Madhog is going to have a couple of busy days.

Posted on 11/9/14 11:51am
Posted on 11/8/14 6:53am

It's Coming Back Soon (Promo)

Were you expecting something else?

Posted on 11/7/14 10:19am

"Lacerator Lyra" Comic Dub (One-Shot)

She always wanted a pair of hands...

Posted on 11/2/14 6:47am

Pleasantly Understated Patreon Video

There is nothing special or remarkable about this Patreon video.

Posted on 10/31/14 7:45am

Master Presentations: "Human Habitrail"