Madhog thy Master

Posted on 5/22/15 2:18pm

Master Presentations: "GIF-JAM 2014"

This is what The Future looks like. Awesome.

Posted on 5/20/15 1:53pm

Master Presentations: "The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow" (FFF 2015)

A love story between a robot girl and a male cow... WHAT!?

Posted on 5/19/15 5:09pm
Posted on 5/18/15 2:21pm

YouTube Captions Hilarity!

If you want to have a laugh, just turn on the auto-generated English subtitles on your favourite YouTube video. They're funnier than any bad fanfiction written by human hands.

Posted on 5/16/15 12:08pm
Posted on 5/15/15 1:21pm

MADPlay: "Discworld" (Parts 9-12)

Suddenly, Time Travel!

Posted on 5/14/15 2:45pm
Posted on 5/13/15 9:19am

Master Presentations: "Song of the Sea" (FFF 2015)

Madhog reviews the 17th edition of the Future Film Festival, starting off with Tomm Moore's animated masterpiece: "Song of the Sea."

Posted on 5/12/15 7:34am

Madhog Vs. Dawson Highlander

While in Bologna, Madhog tried out some Scottish ale. It didn't go too well.

Posted on 5/2/15 2:11pm

MADPlay: "Discworld" (Parts 5-8)

This game is a logical impossibility!

Posted on 5/1/15 1:43pm

Master Presentations: "Whoopass Stew!" (PPG Part 2)

Sugar, spice... and a can of WHOOPASS!

Posted on 4/29/15 1:49pm

So once again, the Internet is saved, thanks to THE TEAM YUME BOYS!!!

Posted on 4/27/15 1:31pm
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