Madhog thy Master

Posted on 3/3/15 2:35pm

Team Yume Attack!

Team Yume sets off for Great Justice!!!

Posted on 3/3/15 7:24am

March 2015 Update (Walfas Style)

A Walfas Madhog Appears!

Posted on 3/2/15 5:15pm
Posted on 3/2/15 9:52am

MADPlay "FORGE", Part 3: "Rusting Rusty"

Rust is Love! Rust is Life! Rust is POWER!!!

Posted on 2/28/15 3:50pm

The Entertainment Industry in a Nutshell

"There's No Business Like Show Business."

The Guardian wrote on Madhog thy Master's profile.
Posted on 2/26/15 1:24am

There is something so eye catching about your profile's background. I can't decide if it is the "Rape! Rape!" on the left side with no context or the disembodied boob on the right side.

Posted on 2/24/15 4:52pm

MADPlay "FORGE", Part 2: "Puzzling Might!"

In the lengthiest cutscene this side of “Metal Gear Solid”, Rusty learns that the Dead Ones are indeed… deadly. Also, puzzle solving! Hurray!

Posted on 2/23/15 4:38pm
Posted on 2/22/15 3:11pm

Master Vlog: "Witching and Bitching"

Possibly the funniest satire about misogyny and predetermined gender roles ever made. Madhog was bewitched by this film!

Posted on 2/21/15 8:51am
Posted on 2/20/15 5:49pm

Madhog Reacts to: "Where the Dead Go to Die"

This is the original audio recording of Madhog's first experience with this nightmare. Have fun with his mental degradation.

Posted on 2/18/15 2:57pm

Master Presentations: "Where the Dead Go To Die" (Part 3)

Your mind was raped and it took it like a champ.

Posted on 2/15/15 7:05am

Master Presentations: "Where the Dead Go to Die" (Part 1)

He's watching you... and He loves you...

Posted on 2/13/15 9:45am

Foxy (from "Five Nights at Freddy's") in 5 Seconds

"And then Foxy comes in and he changes the tempo..."

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