Madhog thy Master

Posted on 1/26/15 1:24pm
Posted on 1/25/15 4:06pm

Master Presentations: "House"

Japan's answer to "Jaws." It's bizarre.

Posted on 1/23/15 6:43am

The Paper Pit: A Quick Look at "Batwoman: To Drown the World"

Gotham City has a much more progressive vigilante.

Posted on 1/18/15 1:40pm

MADPlay "LOOM", Part 7 (FINALE): "Unwoven Destiny"

Bobbin returns to Loom Island (TM) to fulfill his destiny... of destroying the universe.

Posted on 1/18/15 7:22am

Master Vlog: "Princess Luna's Nightfall" by BaldDumboRat

Another sweet letter print for an impromptu showcase.

Posted on 1/17/15 11:41am

MADPlay "LOOM", Part 6: "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

Lord Mandible. Ruler of the Universe!

Posted on 1/16/15 2:03pm
Posted on 1/15/15 2:08pm

MADPlay "LOOM", Part 4: "Greener Sheep Pastures"

And so, Bilbo and Rule63 Smaug kissed and made tender love to each other. No, wait! Abandon ship!

Posted on 1/15/15 5:38am
Posted on 1/13/15 2:19pm
Posted on 1/12/15 1:34pm

"I'm Goffik" (Promo)

They won't survive this reading...

Posted on 1/11/15 10:06am
Posted on 1/10/15 2:38pm

MADPlay "Gummi: The Bears - Redemption", Part 4: "Vampire"

That's it. He's dead. Goodnight everybody!

Posted on 1/8/15 3:16pm
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