Madhog thy Master

Posted on 10/4/15 6:30am

Master Presentations: "Humanity Has Declined" (with Ross Faries)

When the End of Days comes, Humanity won't go out with a bang... but with a shrug.

Posted on 10/3/15 7:51am

Before "Silent Ponyville 2", relive the original nightmare:

Posted on 10/1/15 7:07am

MADPlay "King's Quest VII", Part 4: "An Appropriate Send-Off"

Thus, Madhog and Devar's journey to the land of Daventry (and nearby realms) comes to a close. There is only way to properly end this retrospective...

Posted on 9/30/15 6:21am

MADPlay "King's Quest VII", Part 3: "Drag On Quest"

"Give me steam, and how you feel to make it real..."

Posted on 9/29/15 6:44am
Posted on 9/28/15 4:42am

MADPlay "King's Quest VII", Part 1: "WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!?"

Madhog and Devar conclude their "King's Quest" retrospective with Roberta Williams' own Disney fanfiction, "The Princeless Bride." Also known as "Barely Avoided Law Suit."

Posted on 9/26/15 7:38am

PAIN (Promo)

It's waiting for you...

Posted on 9/24/15 5:36am
Posted on 9/22/15 6:40am

MADPlay: "King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella"

Snow Blonde and the Complacent Dwarfs.

Posted on 9/21/15 6:12am

MADPlay: "King's Quest IV" (Copy Protection Fun)

Did you know that "King's Quest IV" is a 3-D interactive movie? Wow!

Posted on 9/18/15 4:33am
Posted on 9/17/15 4:48am

MADPlay "King's Quest III", Part 3: "INSANITY"

He'll be coming down the mountain. A LOT.

Posted on 9/16/15 5:52am

MADPlay "King's Quest III", Part 2: "In Manannan's Lab"

The wizard's secret basement is a place of unspeakable horror and immense frustration.

Posted on 9/14/15 6:16am

MADPlay "King's Quest III", Part 1: "Stayin' Alive"

Gwydion, master of the strut walk.

Posted on 9/12/15 5:15am
Posted on 9/8/15 6:30am

MADPlay: "King's Quest: Mask of Incompetence"

Madhog and Devar walk a lonely road in the boulevard of broken childhoods as they discuss and react to the polygonal wasteland that was Roberta Williams' "New Vision" for her legendary series.

Posted on 9/6/15 6:23am
Posted on 9/5/15 10:35am
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