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Madhog thy Master's Wall

7/19/14 5:37pm

Ipsywitch, Episode 1: "Arrival"

"Let's start making friends."
7/18/14 5:54pm

See You, Scarlet Cowboy ("The Scarlet Stranger" Original Livestream)

Storm the castle, kill the trees, collect the keys, save the princess!
7/18/14 6:47am

Madhog and Devar Play "Maniac Mansion", Part 7: "The Plant Thickens"

Why is there not a "Maniac Mansion" movie yet!?
7/17/14 3:24pm
7/17/14 7:12am

Title Credits for Ipsywitch

How Soon is Now?
7/15/14 2:10pm

Ipsywitch Voice Actress Has Been Found!

Coming Soon, Baby! Woo-Hoo!
7/12/14 5:33pm

"Popotan" in 5 Seconds

7/11/14 7:11am

Madhog and Devar Play "Maniac Mansion", Part 6: "Batteries!!!"

Batteries are for flashlights. Duuuuuhhrrr.

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