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Madhog thy Master's Wall

4/20/14 6:11pm

Master Presentations: "Asphalt Watches"

Canada unleashes the ultimate mind-rape.
4/19/14 7:50am

The Paper Pit: Stan Lee's "Ultimo" #1

Stan Lee wrote a manga. It's terrible.
4/15/14 2:09pm

"Cool Mares Don't Look at Explosions." Seriously the title of this chapter: http://www.screwattack.com/shows/team-yumes-podcast-show/team-yumes-dram...

4/14/14 6:56am

Madhog Reads: "Thriller at the Gas Station"

Mickey Mouse and Oswald work at a gas station; hi-jinks ensue.
4/13/14 6:11am
4/12/14 7:00am
4/11/14 4:20pm

Paradise and Faries Review: "Bastard!!" (Re-Edited by Madhog)

Did anybody ask for a Nigh Invincible Sex Offender? No? Well too bad...
4/9/14 1:32pm

Madhog and Faries Play: "Touhou Project: Imperishable Night"

Be vewy quiet, we awe hunting moon wabbits!
4/7/14 1:55pm

Madhog Finds a Surprise...

Has the World Gone MAD!?

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