Madhog thy Master

Posted on 2/9/16 2:56am

Princess Remedy Marries The World!

After healing the entire land from mostly made-up ailments, Remedy earns her ultimate reward!

Posted on 2/8/16 5:26am

Princess Remedy "Heals" Maud Pie from Her Rock Obsession

This is definitive proof that Princess Remedy is as evil as a carebear.

Posted on 2/3/16 5:31am
Posted on 1/31/16 6:55am

Creepy underage romance violating the hologram's toilet on Neil deGrasse's "Cosmos."

Posted on 1/29/16 5:45am
Posted on 1/27/16 5:45am
Posted on 1/24/16 6:59am
Posted on 1/21/16 5:51am

Madhog and WhyBoy Play "Puzzle Agent", Part 9: "For A Few Puzzles More"

The game is dramatically improved by the addition of a chainsaw-wielding waitress and unexpected Sergio Leone references. Unfortunately, it still requires to be played.

Posted on 1/18/16 6:05am

MADPlay "Heretic", Part 12: "My Doom is Amazing!"

In this latest installment: Devar makes his triumphant return from Poland as he and a half-frozen to death Madhog ramble about recently departed celebrities, Mr. Weebl's Internet legacy, "Star Wars: The Force Goes to Sleep", infuriating misconceptions about criticism, "Tom and Jerry", Soviet Russian cartoons and the WhyBoy debacle (not really a debacle).

Posted on 1/17/16 5:38am

Madhog and WhyBoy Play "Puzzle Agent", Part 8: "Heedless in Space"

There's a gnome-worshiping cult in this town. That's suspicious!

Posted on 1/16/16 6:40am

Madhog and WhyBoy Play "Puzzle Agent", Part 7: "The Pit of Perplexity"

This pipe is connected with that pipe, that pipe is connected with the other pipe...

Posted on 1/15/16 5:58am

Madhog and WhyBoy Play "Puzzle Agent", Part 6: "They Whisper (We Scream)"

In this episode of "Man Vs. Nature": Madhog gets in a fight against WhyBoy's house pets for the control of his territory and Mike the Lobster manages to successfully reenact his favourite scene from "The Shining" by literally freezing to death.

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