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8/9/12 5:41am
Gaijin Goombah wrote on Mariopoke's profile.

Thanks muchly!

8/8/12 3:22pm
Mariopoke posted a new video

Get pumped up before a Ranked Match!!

Awesome LOL vid inspired by Robot Taisen if im not mistanken xD
8/8/12 2:04am
Mariopoke posted a new video

LOL Trolling at its best!!

Must watch video for LOL fans and teemo users :D
8/8/12 1:38am
Mariopoke posted a new show
League of legends Nights ;)

League of legends Nights ;)

Lots of League of Legends and fun stuff :D
6/29/12 8:37pm

Looking forward to form the G1 LOL community ;)


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