Posted on 4/22/14 8:07am
Posted on 9/23/13 7:09pm

Mutant Football League revival on Kickstarter

I was secretly hoping for a new Mutant Football League.

Posted on 7/18/13 6:29pm

New Strider game announced

Huh. Didn't see that coming

Posted on 5/22/13 12:57pm

Roger Craig Smith is the new voice of Batman in Arkham Origins

And we all thought it was finally done.

Posted on 12/21/12 10:02am

Capcom wants to know what digital titles you want to buy

Capcom's listening to fans? Truly it is the end of the world.

matman5321 posted a new video
Posted on 12/8/12 2:27pm
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Posted on 9/25/12 5:15pm

Howard the Gamemaster has his own kickstarter

An educational game that actually looks good!

Posted on 9/5/12 6:32pm

Ace Attorney 5 confirmed for the west

But take it with a grain of sa- wait it was confirmed by Capcom? YES YES YES YES YES

Posted on 8/28/12 9:04pm

Rumor: Majora Mask 3DS on the way,

With Nintendo Direct happening tomorrow at 7am eastern time, this better not be a fake.

Posted on 8/28/12 8:19pm

Binding of Issac remake coming to consoles and PC

And with it an even bigger expansion too!

Posted on 7/29/12 10:15am

[Rumor] Playstation All Stars Characters and stages leaked

The things you can find in a Beta code

Posted on 6/21/12 9:10am
Posted on 6/14/12 3:27pm
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