tommy1138 wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 4/28/15 11:22pm

Love this series!!! I am wrapping up on a Nintendo timeline (A really good timeline) that makes a lot more sense then groundless crossover webs and Smash Bros. still works out. Lemme know if you're interested.

Mentioner wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 1/15/15 1:09pm

Hey MatPat! I enjoy your videos. I've been looking for a while for a way to contact you without giving in to Twitter or Google. I have some substantial insight regarding the stories of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess that I don't think has been covered yet. Let me know if you're interested.

Benson001 wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 11/4/14 11:01am

I have a theory about how Steve from Minecraft is evil so email me at if you are interested

Dango Ma Nagisa wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 10/20/14 6:41pm

How about who is Fierce Deity Link, a spirit of the hero of hyrule, or ...??!?!

CameronA113 wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 10/8/14 2:05pm

How about if flappy bird could actually exist and what problems with its biology would cause it problems.

shockwaveA113 wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 8/25/14 7:13pm

my idea for a theory is are cole's powers from infamous actually plausible scientifically speaking. would love to see an episode on this yours truly shockwave A113

THEDBAIR355 wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 7/7/14 12:52pm

Hey MatPat13, I just recently got into your Game Theory videos and have to say as a fan of very many things your weekly installments are both entertaining and intellectually stimulating. You do a fantastic job and despite the quality and quantity of your videos I feel you don't deserve enough praise for using the VLOG medium to its greatest potentional. Now aside from my high praise of your videos I have an idea for a Game Theory that goes into games that I don't see you venture into much besides the COD: Ghosts video (terrifying by the way): First Person Shooters, and specifically Far Cry 3. Now I know you don't venture into shooters for their perceived doltish nature but Far Cry 3 is one of the most brilliant and innovative FPS stories since Half-LIfe 2. My theory delves into how the protagonist Jason Brody actually is the villian Vaas Montenegro. My logic for this bold statement comes from the games' emphasis on insanity and mental health. Jason must go through the "trial of the warrior" to save his friends and grow into a stronger man than he was and therefore the mental health is a strong emphasis. Vaas really is only shown in scenes where you the character personally interact with him and the very end of Vaas' run (spoilers!!!) you go through a very psychedelic trip that sees you killing off multiple colored versions of Vaas in a color spheric setting and after you "kill" Vaas, there is no body. I take this scene to indicate that Jason had split personality disorder and that scene was him killing off his devilish pirate ego named "Vaas". There are various other instances that I could discuss to prove my point so if you are intrigued with this concept for a Game Theory video please feel free to contact me for further dialogue. Thank you very much for you time and remember... It's just a theory.... A GAME THEORY!

Iron Warrior wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 3/10/14 3:30pm

Hello MatPat13! I am Iron Warrior and I am a recent fan of your game theories!!! I have a couple ideas that would be good theories, if you are interested. In Halo, How would the sticky bomb stick to its victims or objects, it doesn't use a spike and I doubt there is an explodable substance that would stick well when thrown from a distance. Also, with the Legend of Zelda, how would Link get the Iron boots on without touching his feet and would they actually work in real life? Another thing I was wondering about was about the transformation masks in Zelda's Majoras Mask. I mean, are they altering Links DNA from Human traits to Deku, Goron, Zora, and Epic God Link (Fierce Diety)? These video game mysteries would be interesting to look at would mean you don't have to do a Pokemon episode for a while!

MatPat13 posted a new video
Posted on 8/27/13 10:27am

Game Theory: Surviving the Assassin's Creed Leap of Faith

Assassin's Creed is known for some crazy stunts, none more so than the Leap of Faith. But can you REALLY jump off a building?

MatPat13 posted a new video
Posted on 5/29/13 12:03am

Game Theory: Companion Cube's Dark Secret

What sinister secret is hidden behind the Companion Cube's cute pink hearts?

MatPat13 posted a new video
Posted on 4/27/13 6:29pm

Game Theory: Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed? Great games. Awesome storyline. Uncannily accurate about the future of techno-genetics

MatPat13 posted a new video
Posted on 4/8/13 12:09pm

Game Theory: The Metroid Morph Ball is LAME!

how does Samus fit into such a tiny space?

MatPat13 posted a new video
Posted on 3/23/13 3:53pm

The Game Theorists: SGC Announcment!

The Game Theorists are coming see you!

Mememaster wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 3/19/13 7:28am

Do you think you can do a Elder scrolls episode? or an episode on farcry 3?

Yet-Another Productions wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 3/6/13 2:18pm

Quick, MatPat, I need help on a thing for the SA game!

MatPat13 posted a new video
Posted on 3/6/13 11:33am

Game Theory: Why You're a Completionist

Why do we play games? And why do some gamers feel compelled to achievement hunt until they collect everything?

RADSheikah wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 2/27/13 10:03pm

Hey MatPat my buddy could you please make a mega man video?

MatPat13 posted a new video
Posted on 1/29/13 4:04pm

Game Theory: Why Final Fantasy is Anti-Religion

Are Final Fantasy games are actually against organized religion?

Markestein 174568 wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 1/27/13 8:24pm

Can you tell your followers to post a comment on DEATH BATTLE! vids and suggest megaman vs ironman because I want to watch them fight to the death

Vaaticonazul wrote on MatPat13's profile.
Posted on 1/5/13 10:53pm

Excuse me, Mister Mat, I have a question. I wonder if you would spare me some time, please. I want to discuss about General Grievous and his crushed lungs. In the clone wars he was frightening, agile, and menacing. However, his lungs were crushed and severely nerfed his abilities. Is their any science and fact about this? If so, why? Also, I have suspicions of some things not adding up. If grievous is mostly mechanical, why would crushing his lungs inhibit his performance? His MECHANICAL body wouldn't suffer from lack of oxygen. Also, how can he even survive if his insides are constantly EXPOSED? I mean, he when into a VACUUM, wouldn't his insides be frozen because of his obviously flawed design of his chest plates? Really, can any species survive the vacuum of space? I really would appreciate your feedback, maybe even include it in a star wars themed episode.

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