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Posted on 1/12/15 3:35am

3D Printed Glow-In-The-Dark Bob-Omb Review

Mazer gets a 3D Printed Bob-Omb from etsy.com shop Embedded Junkie. How does it stack up?

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Posted on 12/28/14 3:18am

Did Ubisoft trick Gamers into Waiving Suing Rights?

Ubisoft offers gamers a free game. However, in the process those gamers waive any right to sue the company. Find out why.

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Posted on 12/24/14 11:42pm

2014 Gaming Awards!

Mazer goes down the list of his favorite games of 2014 but with his own absurd twist :D We promise you won't see the categories anywhere else...

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Posted on 10/17/14 4:06pm

Scorpion Vs Ryu extreme battle by Proxicide

Years before Death Battle's upcoming Scopion vs Ryu; flash animator Proxicide made his own battle between the two titanic characters.

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Posted on 10/12/14 6:06am

9 Year Old Plays - Game Dev Tycoon - Buddah Dragons 1

Video Cheetah begins working on her own Let's Play videos with the assistance of Mazer. Her first game shall be Game Dev Tycoon! How far can she go in this game development simulator?

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Posted on 10/6/14 1:09am

9 Year Old Plays: Five Nights At Freddy's

Mazer and his niece attempt to survive 5 Nights At Freddy's! How long to they last? Let's find out!

Posted on 9/12/14 9:52pm

I was bored at work so I wrote this: Who controls Bayonetta Now? Who keeps the indie devs around?? Wii U, Wii U! Who offers free DLC maps? Who keeps the new Zelda under wraps? Wii U,Wii U! Who gives way to quality games? Who puts Ubisoft to shame? Wii U,Wii U! Who protects gamers’ rights? Who provides in house gaming nights?? Wii U,Wii U! Wii U,Wii U!

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Posted on 9/8/14 1:26pm

Player 2 Joins the Fight

Wishing to share the news with all my fellow G1's. Mazer is getting married!

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Posted on 8/24/14 3:11pm

WTF: Quantum Kubuki Fighter

During this live episode of WTF: Games You've Never Played, Mazer and his friend play the unusual Quantum Kabuki Fighter - a 2D action game where you play as a Kabuki Warrior who fights with his hair while running around inside of a computer system.

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Posted on 8/20/14 9:18pm

Let's Prove Ubisoft Wrong: Bayonetta 2 challenge.

Youtube personality Bearhugger29 throws down the gauntlet and challenges gamers to prove that M-Rated games sell on WiiU consoles - when they are high quality and not just dumbed-down ports.

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Posted on 8/20/14 6:12pm

WTF: Drakkhen for the SNES

Mazer discusses one of the weirdest SNES games he has ever played. Can you survive the madness that is Drakkhen?

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Posted on 8/19/14 4:36am

NetherRealms already planning DLC & Konsole Exclusive Kharacters

A year before the game's launch, NetherRealm is already planning DLC...and Konsole Exclusive Kharacters.....Yay -_-;

Posted on 8/16/14 3:36pm

Working on another WTF video today. Which SNES classic will it be? oooooo O.O

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Posted on 8/11/14 9:06pm

Robin Williams passes away at 63

Farewell friend. You'll be missed.

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Posted on 8/3/14 3:00am

Mazer Reviews: Horror Blind Box Figures

Mazer checks out some Horror-Themed Blind Box toys. Do they stack up or are they just a load of rubbish?

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Posted on 7/19/14 5:42pm

WTF: TerrorDrome for the PC

A fighting game based off of Horror Movie Icons? Mazer's dreams have come true! Completed in 2013, this fighting game for the PC pits classic Horror characters against one another! You have to see it to believe it!

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Posted on 6/29/14 2:37pm

Want a Pool in Sims 4? Well too bad.

Ea announced some of the "new" features to Sims 4 and the ones that Won't be returning.

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Posted on 6/26/14 2:24am

Bearhugger is losing faith in 3rd Parties **Language Warning**

A dear friend of mine has lost faith in 3rd party companies due to the lack of quality checks in their games - releasing glitchy, broken games that require constant updates to fix. **Warning. Excessive Cussing inbound :D**

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Posted on 6/19/14 11:06pm

Fifa 15 coming to the Wii......but not the WiiU

Ea continues it's legacy of ignoring the Wii U...even to go as far as bringing its newest game to the Wii...

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Posted on 6/11/14 2:11am

Pacman Revealed for Smash Brothers

Well after a ton of speculation, it has been confirmed. The Man of Pac will be in Super Smash Brothers. Oh. Game and Watch as well :3

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