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4/7/14 11:02pm
Review A Great Game Day 2014- Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

Review A Great Game Day 2014- Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

My thoughts on the first game I got for my Nintendo DS lite
2/28/14 6:09pm

I've been a g1 for 2 years today!

2/28/14 2:35pm
LeoHightower wrote on MegaSilverX1's profile.

Thanks for Subscribing MegaSilver!

1/12/14 3:19am

I thought this was a really interesting and informative article about Wii U game development from a third-party developer's viewpoint. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2014-secret-developers-...

1/1/14 12:38am

Happy 2014 Screwattack g1s!

12/14/13 8:08pm
Gunman Clive Review

Gunman Clive Review

Mega Man in the old west
12/14/13 3:19am
MegaSilverX1 posted a new video

Video Game Therapist

Inspired by the recent Mighty No. 9 controversy
12/14/13 3:00am

I actually wrote an entire new review to kind of celebrate Mega Man's 26th anniversary. It should be up sometime next week, hopefully early next week.

12/11/13 10:05pm
MegaSilverX1 posted a new video

Sonic Lost World OST- Sea Bottom Segue

Music heard in act 3 of Tropical Coast and Lava Mountain act 3 in Sonic Lost World.
11/30/13 7:44pm
MegaSilverX1 posted a new video

Ducktales Remastered OST- Mount Vesuvius

Music for the last level in Ducktales Remastered
11/1/13 8:38pm

10/9/13 6:12pm

I've started writing a new blog for a review. It's not for Maverick Hunter X, but for a game I found a few months ago. I don't know when it'll be up, but probably not for a while since X and Y are coming out in a few days.

9/29/13 1:25am

I can beat Battle Kid and Mega Man, but when it comes to Super Mario Bros. 1, I can't beat it for the life of me.

9/24/13 10:22pm
MegaSilverX1 posted a new video

Beetlejuice NES OST- Stage 3 (House)

A terrible game with a good soundtrack
9/19/13 10:47pm

Sorry for the lack of blogs recently. I haven't been in the mood to write blogs in the last few months so until I get back into the writing mood, the review of Maverick Hunter X will be postponed.

9/13/13 2:40pm
MegaSilverX1 posted a new video
9/4/13 12:48pm
MegaSilverX1 posted a new video

Advance Wars OST- Nell's Theme

Music from Advance Wars on the Game Boy Advance.
8/30/13 10:10am
Games added to the 3DS and Wii U eShop This Week

Games added to the 3DS and Wii U eShop This Week

Wario, Zelda, Pokemon, and more have been added to the Nintendo eShop this week.
8/24/13 11:33pm
MegaSilverX1's Game Art 6

MegaSilverX1's Game Art 6

More recent drawings from this year.
8/16/13 10:10am
MegaSilverX1 posted a new video

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata on Game Center CX

Learn how Mr. Iwata joined Nintendo as he plays Balloon Fight with the show's Chief, Arino. Also Mr. Iwata discusses why games in the NES days were so hard.

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