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Mel Rains' Subscribers

  • Craig

    Hey I'm Craig. I founded this wonderful website.
  • Bryan

    What's up everybody, welcome to ScrewAttack. I'm the Community and Promotions Manager here at SA and I do...stuff. Seriously, people ask what I do and the list is so long it's more than people thought it was going to be.
  • Sean Hinz

    This section is kind of awkward. I need to write some interesting, but not bore you with my life story. Let's "get down to brass tacks", we all like video games. If you are down to play, feel free to hit me up...
  • Ben Singer

    I direct, write, edit, and perform for a variety of different productions, but my main show is DEATH BATTLE! Check out my TWITTER and FACEBOOK for more Benness. That's a word now.
  • Chad

    My name is Chad James, Brand Manager for ScrewAttack and commissioner for the Iron-Man of Gaming. I do some show writing (usually for Clip of the Week), Host Hard News, co-host SideScrollers, co-write DEATH BATTLE! and...
  • Woodyman

    g1 of the Year 2011 Creator of g1 Spotlight, Literary Luminary, Titanium Man of Flash Gaming, Cartoon Collab (name pending), and a new g1 run WTF Is That? Writer of awesome Top 10s, Reviews, and Video Game Poetry
  • christenm123

    Long time g1 and current moderator. I love video games, heavy metal music and pro wrestling. If you like any of that we'll get along fine. www.twitter.com/christenm123 www.facebook.com/christenm123 (If you add me...
  • ilikeoranges

    I love practically every video game available, and have been a huge fan of Screwattack over the years. I am advanced in both graphic design and film, and am hoping to post more content on this beautiful new site!
  • Zarxce

    I am a nerd. I like nerdy stuff. Everything from video games to anime to sci fi shows to comics to...well...you get the picture. If it's something cute girls would typically laugh at you for liking, chances are I'm into...
  • PsychicFatman

    In 2010, my girlfriend and I opened an online business called 8-Bit Classics. Our shop is run through www.etsy.com and business has been booming ever since. We specialize in perler art, where we take perler beads and...
  • Ehsan

    I'm Ehsan and I've been on ScrewAttack since 2008 but began writing in 2009. I also happen to one of those moderator people on the site. I'm a college student majoring in engineering and likes to take some time off...
  • gabrielh

    My name is Gabriel Raj Haruo Hernandez (I am Filipino, Indian, and Japanese). I have been on this website since August 2008, and made an account on November 18, 2009. I'm a classic/retro gamer just like everyone else on...
  • okilla713

    I'm a nerd/geek/and giant GAMER i love all....most games, and love screwattack. Been a G1 since 09.The first game i ever played was ultimate mortal kombat 3 at age 5 for freaking Sega genesis! lol FATALITY at that age...
  • JETZ.acx

    The Jetman. The Legendboy. The Imaginer. A man of many names and a jack-of-all-trades, JETZ.acx has been known to be as a sort of outcast in any community he crosses. Often getting in trouble for his outrageous mind, he...
  • missRPGenius

    Buttholes & Swapnote. For a terrible time, add me on 3DS: 2062-9781-6938 I make jewelry out of video games: Reset Buttons Twitter: @missRPGenius
  • mjade14

    Jedi Knight
  • Agilen

    Tweets by @Agilen_ Agilen's Stream My name is Egill and I'm a Icelandic gamer who grew up playing games in the late 80s and through the 90s. I enjoy all kinds of different games from old retro games to the latest AAA...
  • Flapperdoodle

    What's going on g1s? My name's Flapperdoodle, and welcome to my humble feed/profile page. Here, you can find my blog, where I discuss gaming, TV, movies, music, and the occasional other thing. Here, you can also find...
  • Gaijin Goombah

    Hey everyone! Gaijin Goomba here. To sum up myself... I've been studying about Japanese language, history, culture, economics, everything for eight years now. Two and a half of those eight were actually in Japan....
  • Lemoncloud

    I'm studying game-programming and stuff. I enjoy video-games, animation and music, with tastes usually leaning towards the Japanese and retro. Talk to me! Skype: littlebenji702