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Posted on 1/24/13 2:42pm

Top 10 King of the Hill Youtube Poops

Yep, the title says it all.

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Posted on 10/29/12 4:48pm

The MisterBo Retro Collection: Corpse Party - Special Halloween Review

A haunted elementary school, bathroom humor, and lots and lots of dead bodies. All of this and more in this review of one of the most under-rated survival horror game. What is the Corpse Party about? Why is it under-rated? Read to find out.

Posted on 8/9/12 8:11pm

I can't wait for Sunday. That's swap meet day for me and that means NEW RETRO GAMES TO REVIEW. Huh... "new retro" is quite the oxymoron. Isn't it?

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Posted on 8/8/12 1:21pm

The MisterBo Retro Collection: Xevious - Review A Bad Game Day Special

Xevious, a fairly well known shoot 'em up created by Namco in the 1980s. It has not aged well at all and I just hate it. Why am I reviewing it then? CAUSE IT'S REVIEW A BAD GAME DAY!!!!!!

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Posted on 8/4/12 6:36am

Thanks much for the sub,

Posted on 7/15/12 1:33pm

I have an idea for a blog. 100 video games to play before you die. What do you guys think?

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Posted on 7/2/12 7:32pm

Thanks for the sub! I work damn hard on my vids so any and all views are sincerely appreciated!

Posted on 6/20/12 2:20pm

I think I got the blog area covered for the week. They're not out yet, but hopefully it won't be too long.

Posted on 6/18/12 6:50pm

Man, I have no blog inspiration. The only thing I've been doing lately is art.

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Posted on 6/18/12 5:36am
Posted on 6/4/12 10:34pm

Overall, E3 was okay. Microsoft and EA gave some very disappointing conferences but Ubisoft provided a nice pallette cleanser. Sony was okay but left a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully Nintendo will get rid of that.

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Posted on 6/3/12 9:57pm

The MisterBo Retro Collection: Jackal

Tanks, soldiers, battleships, and shoot 'em up galore. All in this jem on the NES.

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Posted on 6/2/12 2:52am

Alrighty, here is your final work! http://forums.screwattack.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=16781&p=352675#p352675 I'll be finishing up the background soon. Enjoy!

Posted on 5/28/12 5:39pm


Posted on 5/23/12 9:58am

I know I wasa part of Beta Testing and all, but this new ScrewAttack isjust SO FRAGGLE ROCKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!

Posted on 5/22/12 7:41pm


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