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Game OverThinker: Episode 92 - CREATED MiiQUAL

Posted on 5/31 | Show: The Game OverThinker
RetroThinker takes a look at the Tomodachi Life controversy.

Game OverThinker: Episode 92 - PINK RISING

Posted on 5/13 | Show: The Game OverThinker
The OverThinker is out of sorts for a bit, so Commissioner BunnyFace takes over to talk about the ESA report on gamer demographics.

Game OverThinker: Episode 91 - TITANFOUL

Posted on 3/21 | Show: The Game OverThinker
The OverThinker wonders if TITANFALL's decision to launch as a multiplayer-only game is another sign that the games industry still hasn't learned how to plan for the future.

Game OverThinker: Episode 90 - MAILBAG: ASK IVAN II

Posted on 3/12 | Show: The Game OverThinker
Ivan The Intern answers your mail, as The OverThinker gets answers about... well, everything.

Game OverThinker Special: THE FATE OF NINTENDO

Posted on 1/22 | Show: The Game OverThinker
RetroThinker and Ivan talk about the uncertain future of Nintendo in the wake of a disasterous holiday for the WiiU. A New Year special and a lean-in to "ASK IVAN," coming soon.

Game OverThinker: YEAR END SPECIAL 2013

Posted on 1/21 | Show: The Game OverThinker
The OverThinker and friends end the year on a light note - announcing the next ASK IVAN installment!

Game OverThinker: Episode 89 - GHOSTS BUSTED

Posted on 1/21 | Show: The Game OverThinker
The single-player campaign of GHOSTS features the most politically and culturally "problematic" storyline in CALL OF DUTY yet - and that's really saying something! Meanwhile, everything in The OverThinker's life is about to get a lot more complicated.

Game OverThinker: Episode 88 - GTA V IS NOT A SATIRE (PROBABLY)

Posted on 10/20 | Show: The Game OverThinker
The OverThinker takes on the hottest game of the moment... since he has nothing better to do, while forcibly trapped in his house.

Game OverThinker - EPISODE 87: "Top Ten Games of Generation 7"

Posted on 9/8 | Show: The Game OverThinker
It's The Game OverThinker's Completely Meaningless Top 10 Games of Generation 7 List!!!

The Game OverThinker Overbytes - DON'T CENSOR ME!!!

Posted on 8/13 | Show: The Game OverThinker
Do you really know what censorship is?

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