MajorM117 wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 8/10/15 10:54pm

Hey I know you probably get this question a lot but I just really want to know what website or system do you use to create the sprite fights? I was thinking of making my own sprite fights as a little project to do.

comicking428. wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 9/22/13 10:14pm

Congrats on your hard work on DB, it is disheartening to see you go but you had a good run. But I have one last question, you did say that you had a few matchup ideas for the show, now that you are no longer animating, will Ben and Chad keep your ideas in mind, or do you think you'll reveal your suggestions? You don't have to, I was just curious.

Posted on 9/20/13 8:23pm

So I've got some big news. I'm no longer animating Death Battle. ScrewAttack let me go on August 21st when I finished Ivy vs Orchid, saying they're exploring new directions for the show. It's been great. Now I'll be focusing on my own projects and collaborations with others.

Kozmo4200 wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 7/21/13 5:01pm

I am a new g1 and just wanted to say that your animations are awesome. Keep up the good work sir.

Posted on 6/24/13 6:22pm

SGC was too amazing for words.

Mr Lange posted a new blog article
Posted on 6/18/13 12:40pm

Sonic: After the Sequel Released

A fangame long anticipated by the Sonic fandom has finally been finished.

Jack_Red89 wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 6/17/13 8:03am

If you could put any two characters against each other who would they be and why?

Barathrum_Bash wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 5/15/13 5:06am

Hey, just wondered, how do you go about attaining assets for the DEATH BATTLE? Do you have to create your own sprites/models or do you use currently existing ones? Do you use models that are taken out of games and do they come rigged, or do you have to do that?

Mr Lange posted a new blog article
Posted on 2/15/13 5:15pm

Missing Part of Superman's History

Groundbreaking information from Superman's series has been discovered that was never considered in Death Battle.

grim55555 wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 2/10/13 2:21pm

Hi Mr Lange, Are you in charge or part of the development of these death battle episodes? and if so I'd like to ask when is the next ep coming out and I have a few suggestions for the next few death battles that you may be interested in.

Jack_Red89 wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 2/4/13 12:05pm

I just found out He-Man vs. Lion-O is one of the next death battles. I really want to see how awesome this fight is going to be. Clearly these two are chosen warriors capable of anything. I think we will be getting that one later this year. I know Ben do a lot of research on several characters. Anyway any word when they will announce the next death battle following Goku vs. Superman?

Posted on 1/31/13 7:34pm

Goku vs Lauren. Thanks for the green screen stuff guys.

4polio wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 1/29/13 5:12am

Mr Lange i am an aspiring artist and hope to be an animator someday. did making the goku vs superman require coding or frame by frame animation.

Mr Lange posted a new video
Posted on 1/24/13 7:13pm

The King's Mean Beans

This game is hard.

Dyoung93 wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 1/23/13 6:48pm

Me & my friends, have had this debate over & over again, about these characters & i need yall to decide, who would win. A Death battle between Sora from kingdom hearts 2 vs Layfon Alsief from Shelled Regios. Keyblade wielder vs Heavens Blade wielder, i would like to see that Death battle. And also i would still like too see -Classic Dmc3 Vergil The legendary dark slayer Vs FF7 One winged angel Sephiroth- as a death battle as well. Please and thank you.

Jack_Red89 wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 1/15/13 9:08pm

OMG I just did the math with a new way that will make the overall process much faster. Superman is about 130 times stronger than Goku. Superman is over three times faster than Goku. Superman's Durability is about 90 times more resist than Goku. If you want to see how I did the math then look closely down here. I did simple multiplication for how much faster Superman is. Basically I times 2.5 billion three times to get 7,500,000,000. The two big time consuming ones I knew would take me a while. So I just came up with a much faster way of doing this. I kept rewriting 34,700,000,000,000,000,000,000 & 320,000,000 while adding a zero. In other words once you get this pattern down. I just saved you a lot of time as well as paper to do the math.

Jack_Red89 wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 1/13/13 3:58pm

Quick question considering you had to delay Goku vs. Superman. Are they giving you a break before making the next fight or no?

Zafersan wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 1/12/13 3:11am

awesome fight dude

Tsubori wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 1/11/13 10:27am

The fight was awesome Lange, I really appreciate the work you put into this project. I look forward to any and all future works from you. As a video game design student, I absolutely love your 3D fights. Do you know how frequent the 3D will be now?

Kakarot88 wrote on Mr Lange's profile.
Posted on 1/11/13 12:04am

Awesome fight! Good to know we can base DBZ on real world physics...or base Ki on the real world because ppl in real life using ki energy have colored blasts coming out of their hand! Totally awesome how they equated power output to what a person can take too! Thought the whole analysis on Super Dragon Fist which is more powerful that a Kamehameha times 10 was great as well...OH! And how equating the Kamehameha which can be boosted by output of the user was also discussed as being directly related to our real world physical potential even though it came from an Alien who can boost his potential reducing is body's integirty by way of Kaio-Ken! Great job guys!...gonna get back to my life now, in all seriousness the animation was well worth the wait. You are amazing!! Thank you Mr. Lange

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