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9/19/12 7:09am
MegaSilverX1 wrote on Mr. West's profile.

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6/3/12 5:29pm

Nintendo is getting all of it's technical stuff out of the way TWO DAYS before their conference. Now their conference can focus on other things, like games. Freaking brilliant.

6/3/12 5:13pm
Mr. West posted a new video

The Armory - Trailer

You guys remember The Armory? That was a great show.
6/3/12 12:03am
Mr. West posted a new video

Daily Destin vs Pro Jared - Music Video

A rivalry as old as time itself.
5/29/12 2:26pm

I finally finished SotC, and I gotta say, that is one damn good game.

5/23/12 7:26pm
Mr. West posted a new video

Team Fortress 2 movie trailer

Team Fortress 2 would make such an awesome movie.
5/22/12 11:11pm

DAMN IT! I'm gonna miss MP After Dark...CHEER FOR SAM FOR ME, G1s!!!!