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All videos posted by mrDesertDiamond

Let's play: Lost Planet 2 (part 8)

Time for the end chapter boss the Gordiant

Let's play: Lost Planet 2 (part 7)

VS killing sniper fun! plasma rifle FTW!

Let's Play: BlueStinger part 3

Posted on 6/16 | Show: Let's play: BlueStinger
Karate and Christmas shopping wait.... wat

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Xbox Demo

Posted on 6/11
My play though of the Xbox360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 FS Demo

Let's Play: BlueStinger part 2

Posted on 6/11 | Show: Let's play: BlueStinger
Karate Action and napalm heat and a shuttle to LOVE!!

Let's play: BlueStinger part 1

Posted on 6/9 | Show: Let's play: BlueStinger
Part 1 Rich dialog and advanced computer graphics!!

Let's Play: Lost Planet 2 (Part 6)

Killing jungle pirates and VS's fun-times!

BlueStinger intro

Posted on 6/2 | Show: Let's play: BlueStinger
Dreamcast logo and game intro

Let's play: Lost Planet 2 (part 5)

The first mini boss so difficult or is it?

Let's Play Lost Planet 2 (Part 4)

Had to skip 3 the audio was horrible. enjoy part 4! we also see VS. Nida