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[RUMOR] EA using spambots on anti homophobic protest.

Posted 2 years ago on 4/10
Oh EA, you get voted the worst company in America, and then pull a stunt like this.

GAME Over?

Posted 2 years ago on 3/17 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
The demise of GAME Group PLC, The reasons why, and the possible chance to salvage it.

SOPA & PIPA - Why it sucks, and my response.

Posted 2 years ago on 1/18
Sopa. It sucks. Here's just a few reasons why.

Serious Sam 3: BFE Review

Posted 2 years ago on 12/27
Does the new outing from Sam prove it's as serious as its predecessors?

The Binding of Isaac Review

Posted 3 years ago on 9/29
Survive hoards of enemies as you fight for survival against your psychopathic mother in a basement of evil.