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New Square-Enix Title to be revealed on Monday

Posted 2 years ago on 4/29
Siliconera will have an exclusive Square-Enix reveal tomorrow!

[Community Showcase] Fortune Summoners Demo and Release Date

Posted 2 years ago on 1/5 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
From the same people that brought Recettear and Chantelise to english speaking languages, Carpe Fulgur has released a demo and release date for Fortune Summoners.

Original Mushihimesama Launches on iOS Next Week

Posted 2 years ago on 12/9
Bullet-hell, cult-hit from Cave to be released December 15 on iOS platforms.

Prima Vista Band - 8-bit Cover

Posted 2 years ago on 9/30
Enjoy the tune 'Prima Vista Band' from Final Fantasy IX in 8-bit format!

[Community Showcase] - Nippon Ichi has big plans for Xbox 360 and PC

Posted 2 years ago on 9/27 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
With the upcoming release Clan of Champions, NIS America is looking at releasing future games on PC through Steam, and may even have some games come to the XBOX 360...

4 new titles coming from Nippon Ichi Software America

Posted 2 years ago on 9/16
A Hyperdimension Neptunia sequel, Disgaea 3 on the PSVita, Disgaea on Android, and Clan of Champions to come overseas.

Super Metroid Theme & Rocky Maridia - 8-bit Covers (Dedicated to The New ScrewAttack)

Posted 2 years ago on 9/9
The Theme of Super Metroid and Rocky Maridia covered in 8-bit style, dedicated to the launch of The New ScrewAttack.

Unboxing the Disgaea 4 Premium Edition

Posted 2 years ago on 9/2
Dood, want to see what comes with the Disgaea 4 Premium edition?

Mr. Mallard's 8-bit music, and YouTube channel announcement!

Posted 2 years ago on 9/1
Missed any of my 8-bit music? You can find them all in one location now!

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