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4/13/14 10:33am
Museyfied posted a new video
3/16/14 4:35am
Museyfied posted a new show
MY Simple Walk Into Mordor

MY Simple Walk Into Mordor

I walked from Hobbiton to Mount Doom! Yes that is, despite what Boromir says, totally possible!
5/16/13 4:33am
fabio73 wrote on Museyfied's profile.


8/25/12 9:20am

I still can't quite grab the fact that we managed to raise about $60,000 dollars in 24 hours yesterday. That is nothing but batshit insane and wow did I have a fun time. See you all in Texas next year g1s!

8/18/12 5:15pm

Oh the fun times you can have while playing Minecraft with a bunch of friends.

6/16/12 3:48pm

So has the site dropped support for iOS temporarily or is it just me having problems watching videos with my iPad and iPhone?

5/30/12 12:29pm

Care to help me out a bit? I'm in the "What I did when ScrewAttack was down" contest, so if you like my entry I'd very much appreciate if you voted for it by commenting on this blog: http://www.screwattack.com/news/contest-what-you-did-while-screwattack-w... Have a good rest of the day g1s! Cheers!

5/26/12 2:03pm
Museyfied posted a new video

What I did when ScrewAttack was offline

My entry to the contest announced on SideScrollers this week!
5/24/12 2:11pm
TheSwedishGamer wrote on Museyfied's profile.

Tjena mannen :) Kan jag be dig om en tjänst? Jag kan inget om Photoshop och jag såg din awesome "Profile Banner Image", så jag bara undrade om du kunde göra en åt mig :) Den behöver inte se alls bra ut, jag vill inte att du ska lägga ner tid på den. Det enda jag vill ha är mitt g1 namn och ha med Sonic på bilden, resten är helt upp till dig. Du har fullständig artistisk frihet haha! Jag förstår om du inte orkar göra det, tänkte bara ifall att liksom :)