Posted on 8/21/13 2:23pm

Hey, guys, why don't ya follow me on Twatter?!

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Posted on 1/28/13 12:40pm

A Rant about Screwin' Around

Some things need to be changed...

Posted on 12/27/12 3:41pm

Sooo, anyone wanna play Borderlands 2 on PC with me sometime? Add me on Steam: mychael_hun

Posted on 12/8/12 1:10pm

After six years of fun and enjoyment, I said goodbye to my PSP (aka I sold it). With all the games, I made $226, I'll collect a bit more money, and MAYBE I'll buy a 3DS, or spend it to other things.

Posted on 12/5/12 3:05pm

What the hell, let's show my real face, instead of Luxo Jr...

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Posted on 12/1/12 9:59am
Posted on 9/21/12 7:48am

Happy 100th anniversary to one of the ( if not the ) best cartoonist in the world, Chuck Jones! BEEP-BEEP!!!

Posted on 9/2/12 7:51am

Last day of my summer vacation... :(

Posted on 8/31/12 3:16am

So, it seems like Dragon Ball Z is no longer banned in Hungary...

Omega Riddler wrote on mychael's profile.
Posted on 8/29/12 3:43pm

Hi, I won that God of War 3 code, and I would like to thank you

Posted on 8/25/12 3:09pm

It was 4am. I watching the Craig-A-thon, fully awake, and at the next moment, I wake up and realize its 10am...really weird, especially bcause I don't remember going to sleep O.o

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Posted on 8/23/12 4:21pm

Microsoft introduces a brand-new logo

No company has ever been excited about a new logo...

Posted on 8/1/12 12:06pm

I just got my first Android phone (HTC One V) and I LOVE it!

Posted on 5/22/12 1:45pm


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