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3/28/13 8:52pm
Nebulon posted a new video
3/23/13 2:02pm
Nebulon posted a new video

Gaming TNT Brawl mods (Epi 5. Dry Bowser and Sexxxy Devil Peach)

More Brawl mods. Sexxxy Devil peach versus Dry Bowser. Eh? Eh!?
3/15/13 9:00pm
Nebulon posted a new video

I think I have the largest Pokemon figure collection on YouTube

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the world's biggest and most complete collection of Pokemon figures.
3/8/13 1:07am
Nebulon posted a new video

Gaming TNT Brawl mods (Epi 2. Tails and Metal Sonic)

Episode 2 of brawl mods. This time we duke it out with 2 Classic Sonic Characters. Watch the vid and be mildly amazed at our sub par talent!
3/5/13 9:38am
Nebulon posted a new show
3/5/13 9:31am
Nebulon posted a new video

Gaming TNT Brawl mods (Epi 1. Silver and Shadow)

Do you like Brawl mods? Do you like commentary? Simple as that, my friend and I have spent 4 months modding my Wii and SSBB, as we're here to show off a few things with the powers of dysfunctional friendship. As we figure out a focus of the show and a persona, we'll get better. Stay tuned and please thumbs up if you like.
2/17/13 2:01pm
Nebulon posted a new video

Brawl mods Back to Mad MV

If you've never seen Brawl mods, check this out.
9/29/12 8:13pm
Nebulon posted a new video

Zoids Stop Motion; Warriors of Mi Episode 2: Androids

Episode 2 of the only stop motion Zoids series on the internet. Check it out, in fact check all 3 of them out. (It starts a 0).
9/1/12 8:49pm
Nebulon posted a new video

Zoids Warriors of Mi; Episode 1 Fort Beatrice

The first in a line of Fan Fiction I'll be making. Enjoy and show your support! :)
9/1/12 8:42pm
Nebulon posted a new video

Zoids Warriors of Mi Prolouge

This is prologue to a Zoids Fan-Fiction I'm making, come to life with Stop Motion and motorized models. This first one is a bit old, and I wasn't as good at making things like this back then, but it's pretty good I'd say. You'll find the sequel to be vastly superior :)
9/1/12 8:05pm
Nebulon posted a new video

SNES Tribute (Running in the 90s)

Inspiration in part by the ceased production of Nintendo Power. Let's go back to the 90s for a bit, back when the SNES was the king of the household. Enjoy!
8/5/12 1:10am
Nebulon posted a new video

Gaming This 'N That (TNT) Episode 3 Video Game Addiction?

Want to know if someone you know is addicted to Video Games? Check out these odd symptoms that I myself, and others, have endured after logging in hours of game play.
7/31/12 11:00pm

Thank you everyone for watching my Pokemon collection vid! It even made it to the Community Showcase! This is a great Community to be a part of. :)

7/31/12 10:55pm
Nebulon posted a new show
Gaming This 'N That (TNT)

Gaming This 'N That (TNT)

Gaming TNT (This 'N That) Over the top, obnoxious live action video game related videos. Requests and ideas are gladly taken so feel free to speak out to us and make a new friend or two.
7/31/12 10:47pm
Nebulon posted a new video

Zoids Stop Motion Pilot

Stop Motion Zoids short I made a while back. This was my first video I had ever done. I've learned a lot from it, but I think it still holds up pretty good.
7/31/12 3:11pm
Nebulon posted a new video

Gaming This 'N That (TNT) Episode 2 OH is Pokemon not mature enough for you?

Some people think Pokemon is a children's game. I say age doesn't limit us to the media of our choosing, but to those out there who just can't handle "children" media, I made this as a satire. Enjoy
7/29/12 9:43pm
Nebulon posted a new video

Gaming This 'N That (TNT) Episode 1 Pokemon 5th gen

This video has been previewed by a few and was dubbed to be odd. I agree, it's a bit untamed, serious, but ultimately obnoxious and absurd. Just my kind of thing. Still, I plan on doing many different things with my Gaming TNT series, so while this is a part of that series, this episode does not represent that in whole. Stay tuned for more things. Also, I take suggestions, so feel free to give me some either privately or through my inbox. See you later.
7/29/12 3:00am
Nebulon posted a new video

Gaming This 'N That (TNT) for Classy Ass gamers

Shit is about to get real. BUT before I start making video game related videos, I thought I'd introduce myself to the internet before we dive into my future vids. Call me old fashioned, but I don't want to completely blow your mind on the first date. Stay tuned. The official first episode coming up will be about the 5th gen of Pokemon!

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