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Meet Shriek The Malkavian (a Vampire the Masquerade character concept

Posted 4 weeks ago on 6/19
Special thanks to g1 Kenshiro 3 and the guys on the Vampire reddit for the brainstorming of ideas.

Wasteland 2's Release: The End is In Sight

Posted 9 weeks ago on 5/20
New update for Wasteland 2 plus details on it's official release

Our Numenera Devil's Spine Campaign

Posted 17 weeks ago on 3/24
A chronicle of the Numenera campaign I am a part of.

The Future of Machinima

Posted 28 weeks ago on 1/5
Do you like a site that shows machinima without all the needless Let's Play crap you get on your Subscription queue every 5 minutes? Watch the video and find out....and lol

Youtube issues response to those concerned about the Content ID system

Posted 30 weeks ago on 12/19 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
Will changes be made to the controversial copyright flagging method? The short answer is no.

TotalBiscuit's First Impression of Day One Garry's Incident taken down for copyright

Posted 39 weeks ago on 10/21 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
One of TotalBiscuit's video was taken out for copyright violations and that's a lie. So here's why...

Diablo 3 has an important Update on the Auction Houses

Posted 44 weeks ago on 9/18 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
And now a very special update about Diablo 3.

Wasteland 2 has the prison level revealed in this inXile LP

Posted 45 weeks ago on 9/5 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
Ready for some Ranger Action?

NemesisTrestkon's experience with Shadowrun Returns

Posted 51 weeks ago on 7/26 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
Nemesis goes over what he thinks about the new Shadowrun Returns

Korean eSports player passes away at the young age of 23

Posted 1 year ago on 5/8 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
Professional Warcraft III player Seung Hyun Park (aka “Go)Space”) passed away this Monday. He was 23 years old.

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