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NemesisTrestkon's Subscribers

  • Woodyman

    g1 of the Year 2011 Creator of g1 Spotlight, Literary Luminary, Titanium Man of Flash Gaming, Cartoon Collab (name pending), and a new g1 run WTF Is That? Writer of awesome Top 10s, Reviews, and Video Game Poetry
  • Fandango

    The name's Fandango. g1 since forever and blogger for about as long as well. Multimedia is my thing and graduated cum laude in Geekology. It's a class, yes.
  • Elmo 3000

    The name's Elmo 3000. I do Game Wars, Elmo's Hour On, Elmo's Rants, Top 10s, and an interview series named Room 101. My favourite games are Earthbound, Tales of Symphonia, Killer7, Ivy the Kiwi, Shadow of the Colossus...
  • Two-Bit Specialist

    Two-Bit Specialist (aka Aaron Romero) is a old school gamer and comic book fan, but his passion lies with Nintendo videogames. He'll forever be a fanboy in that regard.
  • Thunderplant

    Greetings friend. Why are you viewing my profile when I don't even mainsite?
  • Baleoce

    I'm from Hereford in the UK. I have a huge love for video-game music and hope to one day be part of a touring orchestra that gets to play a lot of the game music repertoire. I'm a flautist by profession, and also a...
  • BobboHead13

    Hey there, Bobbo here! I'm 25 years old and live in sunny Southern California. I'm currently the host of Randumb g1 Podcast and a moderator/shenaniganizer of g1 After Dark. My forte is in video editing and the sort, so...
  • smoke108

    Hi, names Brent, proud Canadian. I'm currently a mod on g1 After Dark, the unofficial chat room of g1s, and the Second in Command of the g1 Spotlight, your host of the best content on ScrewAttack. Feel free to contact...
  • SpoonMan Abrams X

    The Legendary SpoonMan, Abrams X von Bismark, Overlord of Shenanigans! Come join me, oh Splendiferous Followers of Le' Pie! http://www.facebook.com/LePieLives
  • metalmonster13

    I am a gamer from Australia that was born with a controller in my hands and metal blasting over my fathers speakers, always up to make acquaintances and friends, especially with other gamers, hell, I already consider...
  • theentertainmentguy

    Whats up I'm a g1(4 life) that loves me some good ol video games past or new. I'm a big enthusiast of video game related music and struggling to make my own to be enjoyed one day, farewell *flies away*
  • GaaraofMYdesertHAHA

    Hi! My name is Helen. By even being on this site you already know what I love, and that is video games! I get along with everyone, even the bad ones. I'm a silly person who likes silly things and tends to act on that...
  • Goomba Xx

    Hey, my actual name is Spencer Wyatt. I make videos, I like to draw and doodel and pretty much enjoy making any type of creative media... but I suck at music even tho I like it aha. I make few video series' such as Mr...
  • FanBoy

    g1 of the year. all years. SA forum nut and Mafia junkie. Lover of all things Sony and Sega.
  • retrofire7

    I have been a gamer since 5 and I own a lot of systems and games. I also like card games, cartoons, anime/manga, and this site. I will help anyone with the best of my ability. Twitter account is https://twitter.com/...
  • lphisgood

    who is LPH? LPH is the lord and savior of the bronx & best in the bronx Remembe IN LPH WE TRUST ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Multirandomable

    Hello. I'm Multirandomable. Most people call me Multi. Or Rando. It doesnt matter. I am an extreme doof. Here's my youtube channel where I post stupid things: http://www.youtube.com/user/MultiRandomable?feature=mhee
  • NaiOni

    Hi, my name is Max. I'm a musician, artist, gamer, aspiring game designer and host of the g1 community Minecraft server, Mineattack! I've been a gamer since early childhood. I grew up during the Nintendo 64/...
  • LousyTactician

    Writer, college student, g1, SCA punching bag, D-rank strategist, Psych/English major, DEATH BATTLE researcher. I love top hats, Dafoe, media, and TV Tropes. I've beaten Contra and Super C without losing a life, yet...
  • hypercombo64

    My name is Victoria, you can follow me on the TWITTER MASHEEN @g1Hypercombo64 I love Pokemon, Street Fighter, MAHVEL Mario party almost anything. I blog sometimes you should check them out. My favourite Game Series is...
  • JohnnyFarrar

    Hi, I'm Johnny. 2 things about me: 1. I'm a lot easier to get in contact with on the forums. I don't come here often (and when I do, I don't always log in). 2. If anything you see on my content makes you feel anything,...