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All videos posted by NemesisTrestkon

The Great YouTube Copyright Fiasco of 2013 By SuperBunnyhop

Posted on 12/22
SuperBunnyHop's take on the whole Youtube ContentID system that's been going on.

A Thorough Look at the Half Life Series

Posted on 7/7
This is an in-depth retrospective of the Half-Life franchise, its expansions, and some of the great single-player and multiplayer mods that grew alongside the games. What makes Half-Life so fun and memorable is often very subtle and specific, so this video combs through the games at length to illuminate what's so special about them

This Is Not A Game!!!!!

Posted on 5/5

Starcraft Bronze League Heroes aka the FUNNIEST MATCH EVER!

Posted on 4/29
Two of the most hilariously bad Starcraft II players on Bronze League. :D

All Your Complaints Are Belong To Us

Posted on 4/20
A Retrospective on Gaming Retrospectives? YO DAWG!

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Opening Cinematic

Posted on 1/22
Why do I see Stephano in this video?

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Trailer (and Thoughts)

Posted on 1/3
Terminal releases a trailer for the Walking Dead Survival Instinct. And it looks DUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Deus Ex Human Revolution "I Never Asked For This" Live Action Teaser

Posted on 12/23
I never asked for this.....but I fucking want it to come out!

NemesisTrestkon's Secret Santa Video

Posted on 12/19
Check what I got for Xmas from g1 BigBossofMoss.

Dota 2 Trailer Ponified

Posted on 12/1
What does a brony truly need?