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12/22/13 10:05pm
beijinger finger wrote on Nerdtastic's profile.

why hasnt there been a new nerdtastic episode in a while? i love this show!!

11/18/13 12:38pm
Nerdtastic posted a new video

CoD vs Mario: Who has innovated the most? - Nerdtastic

In an industry riddled with Sequelitis, who of the two largest franchises has innovated the most?
11/11/13 10:54am
Nerdtastic posted a new video

Thor likes big boobs - Nerdtastic

The god of thunder joins us to talk about his new movie, party tricks, and huge dicks.
11/5/13 12:29pm
Nerdtastic posted a new video

Old man Link in Space - Nerdtastic

See what happens when Ben and Sam decide the future of Hyrule!
10/27/13 10:40pm
Nerdtastic posted a new video

Nerdtastic - Parker attends UMG Events and Sean trips on neural gum

If you're down for some eSports, this seems like a hot new opportunity to earn $20k.
10/20/13 10:40pm
Nerdtastic posted a new video

Nerdtastic - Twitter VS Ryse: Son of Rome

Twitter has gone NUTS over crunch! Why did #RyseFacts set the web ablaze, and why is it horribly stupid?
10/17/13 10:40pm
Nerdtastic posted a new video

Nerdtastic - Boobs of Warface

Is 'sexy' appropriate for the modern military shooter? Is it time to rage?
10/17/13 5:17pm
Nerdtastic posted a new show


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