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Newsroom's Wall

3/8/13 6:41pm
slimkirby13 wrote on Newsroom's profile.

i am missing jared and this show, just one lat pen throw

10/12/12 10:45pm
Martystorm wrote on Newsroom's profile.

I loved newsroom, but If that means newsroom is ending,does that mean you guys are going to make another show?

10/3/12 4:52pm
RYTOC12 wrote on Newsroom's profile.

:( sadface

10/2/12 1:51am
Lauren Moore wrote on Newsroom's profile.

Hello everyone. Yes, with Jared's departure comes the closing of Newsroom. We had a blast making the show each week, and I think it's safe to speak for both of us when I say we are truly grateful for everyone's support. Thank you for watching each week and indulging in our twisted humor. Here's to bold new endeavors.

10/1/12 11:32pm
usedgamer wrote on Newsroom's profile.

Not sure if this is rude to ask, but is newsroom over? If so you guys did a fantastic job and thanks for all the fun.

9/21/12 10:41am
otakuya wrote on Newsroom's profile.

Every time I watch a newsroom, all I can think of is "NOW KISS!!!"

8/26/12 3:31am
Collectively Christov wrote on Newsroom's profile.

I can watch newsroom, constantly. Your chemistry with each other is hilarious, and your timing - perfect.

7/16/12 10:02pm
Newsroom posted a new video

Newsroom: Press 'X' to Ellen

They also chase people through neon labyrinths.
7/9/12 10:26pm
Newsroom posted a new video

Newsroom: EVO Smacktalk

Sticks and stones may break my bones, so I'll shout my words from a safe distance.
7/2/12 9:58pm
Newsroom posted a new video

Newsroom: Endings

The ending is just the beginning of the end, anyway.
6/29/12 1:54pm
orangeapples wrote on Newsroom's profile.

I love how this show has no description. Words literally can't describe it.

6/26/12 5:13am
Elmo. wrote on Newsroom's profile.

Did you know a new show on hbo just got released with the name Newsroom? Might lend itself for a parody episode when it gets more popular.

6/18/12 11:00pm
Newsroom posted a new video

Newsroom: Ramen

It comes with a side order of ice.
6/15/12 12:52am
Jawbreaker Alumni wrote on Newsroom's profile.

You know what's so funny about Newsroom? You two can just pull something out of your butts, and it would still be funny.

6/11/12 11:49pm
usedgamer wrote on Newsroom's profile.

Great acting for both of you guys. You don't even need lines to be funny.

6/11/12 10:05pm
Newsroom posted a new video

Newsroom: E3 Party

I guess the games were pretty cool, too.
6/4/12 2:54am
The Starlight King wrote on Newsroom's profile.

Just wanted to say I love Newsroom. It never fails to make me laugh so much that I have to pause the video. "Thumbs up, soldier...s."

5/30/12 9:51pm
gamerjac3 wrote on Newsroom's profile.

Love newsroom

5/29/12 7:52pm
ShadowAgent9001 wrote on Newsroom's profile.

8 mile lauren is great. Sub'd

5/29/12 6:06am
Mothfox wrote on Newsroom's profile.

Very good jokes every episode! keep them coming guys!


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