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NicktendoGameboy's Wall

7/4/12 1:47am
solid_snake8403 wrote on NicktendoGameboy's profile.

On the SNES DOOM, The Lost Vikings, FlashBack, Secret of Evermore seems interesting And they may be obvious but Turtles in Time and ContraIII. Also Avoid a game called UnchartedWaters like the PLAUGE!!!!!!!!!!

7/4/12 1:41am
solid_snake8403 wrote on NicktendoGameboy's profile.

Hmm other than the obivious ones... on the NES Ducktales, Pro Wrestling, Bionic Commando, Bubble Bobble, Rescue Rangers, Trog, and Guerilla War and only get The Adventures of Bayou Billy if you enjoy ball crushing difficulty.


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