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4/6/13 2:28pm
DEATH BATTLE! Rematch: Superman VS. Goku 2

DEATH BATTLE! Rematch: Superman VS. Goku 2

The interweb is still reeling from the epic conclusion of the most controversial DEATH BATTLE in history: Superman VS. Goku!! Even with both sides spewing reasons why their fighter should have won, there is a side no one expected...
2/25/13 3:02pm
HistoricNerd wrote on ninjaeris13's profile.

Thanks for the Subscribe ^.^

1/28/13 10:34am
Gaijin Goombah wrote on ninjaeris13's profile.

Thanks much!

12/7/12 11:59am

For those who read this, I just posted a blog on the upcoming DEATHBATTLE on my Tumblr, so if anyone has one, check it out and tell if you life it!!

6/26/12 6:10pm

I've just pretty much written two rants on Final Fantasy 7 and how the series' players put it on such a high pedestal that no later games can compare... you know what, if anyone reads this, watch this guy's playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII and hear his chat on Agni's Philosophy and the Future of Final Fantasy, you night gain a new perspective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycp4kbvhNiI&feature=g-like