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1/22/13 5:38am
Odakicity posted a new blog article
Asking the Community For Help!

Asking the Community For Help!

I need the help of the G1 community. Can Anyone lend a gamer a hand.
1/12/13 3:42pm
HSRW101 wrote on Odakicity's profile.

Hey, just wanted to ask a question since I know before the Death Battle was posted, you're one of the sane ones I remember best. I was thinking of making a blog in regards to my thoughts about Goku losing, and no its not a rant, if it was, I'd join the many butthurt fanatics in the comments lol. I mean more of like something that regardless of what was shown, the video was just for entertainment and should not disregard the legacy of Goku's strength and feats of his character. In short, my childhood was not damaged by the video lol. Your thoughts?


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