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Posted on 9/12/14 10:23am

Is World of Warcraft really dying?

World of Warcraft has been the MMO king for almost 10 years now! But it seems to go downhill with the subscription base. But why? Can World of Warcraft really die already?

Posted on 12/30/13 3:07pm

Games I played in 2013

2013 have been a good year! We will miss you 2013, but why not take a look at a few games I played in 2013?

Posted on 11/24/13 8:39am

Top 10 Nintendo DS games

Overloading Toaster haven't touched his DS games since he got a 3DS! Overloading Toaster wants to thank his Nintendo DS games by making a Top 10 over his favorite DS games.

Posted on 9/27/13 11:56am

Games I surprisingly enjoyed

There are some games you might had less expectations for, but they turned out to be better than you expected. Here are some games Overloading Toaster didn't expect to be that good!

Posted on 8/13/13 7:52am

My Favorite Video Game - Dragon Age: Origins (Review)

Overloading Toaster reviews his favorite game? What's good and bad about it? Why is Overloading Toaster a frickin' nerd? How do you make a witch pregnant? Find out here!

Posted on 7/11/13 4:00pm

Changes in video games: good or bad?

"War never changes..." Do video games need change? is it a bad or good thing?

Posted on 6/23/13 5:49am

TimeSplitters: Rewind - Training Ground Dev #1

A little sneak peak on the classic map "Training Grounds" from Timesplitters! What do you think?

Posted on 6/2/13 1:36pm

Osu! "Perfect Insane Difficulty 100% clear" - U.N. Owen was her?

Watch Overloading Toaster doing what he is best at! ...sucking

Denja Gravis wrote on Overloading Toaster's profile.
Posted on 5/9/13 5:55pm

Thanks for subscribing Toaster. I appreciate it.

Posted on 3/31/13 4:57am

Top 10 best games of all time! Feat. TotalBiscuit

Here I have the famous TotalBiscuit! We count down the top 10 best video games!

Posted on 3/9/13 4:52am

Working on a top 10!

Posted on 2/17/13 5:01am

Top 10 games Overloading Toaster wants to finish!

Too many games, too little time... But some games needs to end at some point... This is my Top 10 games I need to finish.

supermatt64 wrote on Overloading Toaster's profile.
Posted on 2/10/13 10:21am

Hey dude I read your "about me" section of your profile and I can totally understand. the biggest thing holding me back from blogging or posting videos is myself thinking "Is anyone really gonna read my stuff". Working really hard on something and not getting recognized for it is really dejecting, believe me I know. But that should not discourage you from posting or doing anything on the site. If anything it should motivate you to work harder and besides practice makes perfect :).

Posted on 1/6/13 2:26pm

Pokemon Showdown - Toasty Review

An online Pokemon battle system game online? for free? is it good? Let's find out!

Posted on 1/2/13 7:03am

Where can I fit in?

Hey g1's, I need your help to become a REAL g1!

Posted on 11/30/12 5:17am

Nothing here Oops!

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