GhostOfJared wrote on OverpoweredGopher's profile.
Posted on 10/5/12 12:24am

Jared will be missed by all, but you can still catch him on thegamestation on youtube, also you can check my page for more details about why jared is really gone.

Posted on 6/18/12 12:38pm

If i wanted to use Facebook and chat about games id do so on Facebook, would rather the website let me change pages than be able to post todays musings x_X.

Posted on 6/18/12 12:37pm

I honestly doubt anyone will ever read this... Anyway i did not intend to claim to BE an "Overpowered Gopher" just "Like Some Sort Of Overpowered Gopher" but thats stupidly long, and shortening to LSSOOG looks weird o_o. Uh i radiate animosity, people will hate me and ignore what i say for no damn good reason, it is expected. Apart from that yeah Im highly mediocre at gaming even though ive been playing regularly since the PS1, if ive given you a highly insightful comment and you think "I want to game with that hombre" then send me a message and ill share my PSN with you, but again I cant see this being likely o_O, though tbh I am looking for a new gaming buddy, my current one is a jerk who keeps going on random and abusive torrents of hatred >_>. Also im Scottish

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