Posted on 5/22/15 3:21pm

Faries Reviews: Saint Seiya Games

Saint Seiya is awesome...but are the games any good?

Posted on 5/17/15 2:42pm

Fanservice Fiesta: Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians

Do the booby bombs continue to get better and better?

Posted on 5/14/15 1:31am

Shoryuken! Ōgon Musōkyoku (Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Fighting Game)

The strangest choice in franchise for an anime fighting game.

Posted on 5/10/15 10:39pm

Faries Reviews a Hentai! (Viper GTS)

Because demon girls are best girls?

Posted on 5/6/15 10:21pm

Pretenders: Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player

Is this portable Genesis worth your while?

Posted on 5/5/15 11:53am

Fanservice Fiesta: Bathtime With Hinako

The finale of the Hinako Trilogy

Posted on 5/5/15 11:43am

Fanservice Fiesta: Sekirei *REMASTERED*

It's harem pokemon! Boobies for the win!

Posted on 4/30/15 11:11pm

Faries Reviews: Persona 3 Movie 2: A Midsummer's Knight's Dream

Anime Summer starts early with the second Persona 3 movie. Is it anywhere near as awful as the first?

Posted on 4/26/15 10:01pm

Fanservice Fiesta: Sleeping With Hinako

A title that delivers EXACTLY what it promises!

Posted on 4/25/15 9:09pm
Posted on 4/23/15 5:04pm

Team Yume Plays: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Fighting Game

Because this story just demanded a fighting game.

Posted on 4/21/15 7:44pm

Team Yume Plays: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Because we needed more Touhou in our diet apparently.

Posted on 4/20/15 10:49pm

Fanservice Fiesta: Ah! My Goddess *REMASTERED*

Can Media Blasters do something right?

Posted on 4/20/15 12:41pm

Faries Riffs: CD-i Infomercial

The CD-i tries to teach us the meaning of life?!

Posted on 4/20/15 1:46am

Fanservice Fiesta: Wonder Momo

We chart the origins of video game fanservice back to an oft forgotten Namco character.

Posted on 4/19/15 10:07am

Sega Fanboy: Sonic CD

The fanboy looks at his favorite game of all time!

Posted on 4/17/15 11:18pm

Faries Plays: Persona 3 Portable pt 3 (Female Protagonist)

Where Blandy gets out all her murderous tendencies...for now! -- Watch live at

Posted on 4/16/15 10:13pm

Faries Plays:Persona 3 Portable pt 2 (Female Protagonist)

Blandy settles into her high-school life, but with the ever elusive factor called "choice" make itself known? -- Watch live at

Posted on 4/16/15 12:21pm

Faries Plays: Persona 3 Portable pt 1 (Female Protagonist)

"Burn My Dread" indeed! -- Watch live at

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