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ParadiseandFaries's Wall

8/21/14 11:57pm

"Eye of the Beholder", a Team Yume Adventure! (Part 1)

Team Yume enters the sewers of Waterdeep...and finds leeches and sewer rations!
8/21/14 12:34am

Sega Fanboy: Sonic Drift

Sonic has had something of a troubled history in racing games. Were the first of them any good, or a sign of things to come?
8/16/14 11:35am

Top 15 Games That Should Exist

No, Half Life 3 isn't on the list.
8/14/14 12:51am

Quest Quorner: The World Ends With You

Strap on your Player Pins and grab your piggy cat, it's time to look at Squenix's urban quest!
8/13/14 2:42am

Say Hello To: Lynx (Series 2)

Brush up on Atari's ill-fated handheld.
8/12/14 11:34am

The Library: Episode 12 (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S)

Let's beat the crap out of some magical girls!
8/9/14 10:36am

Quest Quorner: Mugen Souls pt 2

Faries's descent into madness continues...
8/7/14 8:27pm

Faries Riffs: Sega Insanity

Apparently, Sega went off their meds in the mid-90's...
8/6/14 3:29pm

The Library: Episode 11 (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon...Again)

Faries aims to conquer this beat em up this time.
8/4/14 12:07pm

Faries Riffs: Turbografx 16 Infomercial

A lesson about not opening smoldering boxes.
8/1/14 5:59pm

Quest Quorner: Mugen Souls pt 1

You do not know pain until you know Mugen Souls!
7/30/14 2:30am

Say Hello To: Genesis (Series 2)

We examine Sega's most prolific console.
7/29/14 12:58am

Paradiseandfaries Update 7/28/14

Here's what's new and what's coming.
7/26/14 11:16pm

Faries Top 10 Favorite Consoles

What consoles does Faries adore the most?
7/24/14 11:01pm

Sega Fanboy: Sonic Chaos

What does Sonic's third 8-bit platformer have in store for us?
7/20/14 1:48am

Faries Reviews: Pretty Solider Sailor Moon Arcade

Does this forgotten arcade title trump it's console counterparts?
7/18/14 8:19pm

The state of the US Anime industry (2014)

Faries shares his insights on how our hobby is faring.
7/17/14 10:52pm

Sega Fanboy: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear)

Behold the hardest Sonic game Evar!
7/17/14 1:33am

Weiss Review: Disgaea

A series dedicated to my favorite tcg. today, we're starting off by looking at the very first English deck.
7/15/14 11:25pm

Say Hello To: Master System (Series 2)

Take a look at Sega's 8-bit effort.