Posted on 1/27/15 5:15pm

Faries Reviews: Deep Blue

It often tops "Worst Turbografx 16 Games" lists, but is it the fish feces everyone makes it out to be?

Posted on 1/26/15 5:55pm

Faries Plays: Earthworm Jim on Game Gear

Can Faries make it through a port of one of the 16 bit era's hardest games? -- Watch live at

Posted on 1/26/15 12:49pm

Fanservice Fiesta: School Days

It had to happen eventually. Is this show as bad as everyone makes it out to be?

Posted on 1/23/15 5:34am

World's Mightiest Super People Introduction

My thoughts on super heroes and comic books.

Posted on 1/21/15 12:16pm

Fanservice Fiesta: Kiss x Sis

If only incest were the worst of it’s crimes…

Posted on 1/18/15 9:36pm

Sega Fanboy: Hi-sCool Seha Girls, that's not a typo. That's really how it's spelled. Ready for a bout of Sega-sploitation?

Posted on 1/18/15 11:47am

Want Some Cheap Anime DVDs?

Faries evaluates Funimations S.A.V.E. line to see if there's any quality to be found in the value bin.

Posted on 1/17/15 1:13am

Sega Fanboy: Hi-sCool Seha Girls

…no, that’s not a typo. That’s really how it’s spelled. Ready for a bout of Sega-sploitation?

Posted on 1/16/15 9:38pm

Faries Plays: Home Alone on Game Gear

Home Alone on the Game Gear?! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! -- Watch live at

Posted on 1/15/15 10:43pm

Faries Reviews: Twinkle Tale

A game where Saria studies under Olof!

Posted on 1/14/15 11:54pm

Faries Reviews: Vampire Hunter D

How does this 80's "classic" fare these days?

Posted on 1/13/15 12:23pm

Faries Reviews: Akame ga Kill!

There is no shortage of death here…

Posted on 1/9/15 6:39am

Pretenders: Sega Genesis Classic Console 2014

AtGames is at it again. Is this year's model an improvement over previous consoles?

Posted on 1/5/15 10:46pm

Faries Plays: Bonk's Adventure on NES

Headbanging on one of the most expensive games out there. -- Watch live at

Posted on 1/5/15 5:40pm

Faries Reviews: The Prince and the Pussy

Apparently, I'm reviewing an abridged series now!

Posted on 1/4/15 7:13pm

Faries Reviews: Red Garden "Dead Girls"

The OVA you'd never see coming! Featuring Preggerbot!!!

Posted on 1/1/15 8:36pm

Faries Reviews: Red Garden

Kill them with your bare hands!

Posted on 12/29/14 12:31pm

Vlog: Bad Anime Endings

Really digging that anime? Got some bad news for you bro...

Posted on 12/24/14 10:50pm

A Team Yume XXX-Mas Carol: Trouble Evocation

I'm dreaming of a blue devil...

Posted on 12/24/14 1:53am

Faries Plays: Syd of Valis

Also known as: "How Do I Exploit This Boss? The Game!" -- Watch live at

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