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The official user page for the new user-run g1 Spotlight. The g1 Spotlight is a weekly blog that showcases the best g1 made content. It is released every Sunday around 11:00 a.m. EST. We are always looking for help...

We are Game Tangents, a video game podcast and review website consisting of techie-gamers. Our main topics are primarily gaming and the gaming industry, video game hardware, news, and reviews. We're passionate about...

Ask me what everything means.

I am a sonic fan and a Nintendo fan I am a pro super smash bros. I am also BIG fan of screwattack for a long time.


Madhog thy Master and ParadiseandFaries will take you to an epic journey into self-discovery, with lots of juicy allegoric implications and waves of critical pretentiousness... exciting, isn't it?

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