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Say Hello To: Genesis (Series 2)

Posted at 2:29am | Show: Say Hello to: (console) series 2
We examine Sega's most prolific console.

Paradiseandfaries Update 7/28/14

Posted on 7/29
Here's what's new and what's coming.

Faries Reviews: Pretty Solider Sailor Moon Arcade

Posted on 7/27 | Show: Faries Reviews
Does this forgotten arcade title trump it's console counterparts?

Faries Top 10 Favorite Consoles

Posted on 7/26 | Show: Faries Reviews
What consoles does Faries adore the most?

Sega Fanboy: Sonic Chaos

Posted on 7/24 | Show: The Sega Fanboy
What does Sonic's third 8-bit platformer have in store for us?

Say Hello To: TurboGrafx-16 (Series 2)

Posted on 7/23 | Show: Say Hello to: (console) series 2
That other console during the 16-bit era. What did you miss?

The state of the US Anime industry (2014)

Posted on 7/18
Faries shares his insights on how our hobby is faring.

Sega Fanboy: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear)

Posted on 7/17 | Show: The Sega Fanboy
Behold the hardest Sonic game Evar!

Weiss Review: Disgaea

Posted on 7/17 | Show: Game Graveyard
A series dedicated to my favorite tcg. today, we're starting off by looking at the very first English deck.

Say Hello To: Master System (Series 2)

Posted on 7/15 | Show: Say Hello to: (console) series 2
Take a look at Sega's 8-bit effort.

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