Patrick Scott Patterson

Posted on 12/22/12 3:53pm

Patrick Scott Patterson responds to NRA on CBS

CBS 11 Dallas got OriginalPSP's response to the NRA

Posted on 12/4/12 11:17pm

Gaming Culture x History x Attitude - Episode 2

Scott's second episode of his gaming culture series is LIVE!

Posted on 11/30/12 3:35pm
Posted on 11/26/12 3:15pm

History x Culture x Attitude - Episode 2 Teaser Trailer

The second episode of Scott's gaming culture series is coming on December 5

Posted on 11/1/12 12:01pm

Gaming Culture x History x Attitude - The Pilot Episode

OriginalPSP's new gaming culture series is here!

Posted on 11/1/12 11:47am

Gaming Culture x History x Attitude - The Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of OriginalPSP's gaming culture series is here!

Posted on 10/24/12 2:27pm

Culture x History x Attitude "Titantron" teaser trailer

The FINAL teaser for Culture x History x Attitude, Scott's new gaming culture series debuting November 1.

Posted on 10/11/12 12:50pm

Cat attack during Skype recording test

Recently, while testing out a Skype recording program, I watched my friend Eric Cummings fall prey to a random cat attack.

Posted on 9/28/12 8:15am

Video gaming bloopers and embarrassing moments

A look at some bloopers and embarrassing moments from all eras of gaming.

Posted on 9/26/12 9:00am

Tecmo Bowl: Replacement Referees Edition

A little fun with a glitch in the NES classic and the current NFL officials situation

Posted on 8/10/12 8:55am

My thoughts on Ohio teen collapse after XBox marathon

The media and the mother blame the XBox for her 15-year-old's hospitalization after a "four or five day" gaming session. OriginalPSP blames the mom.

Posted on 8/2/12 4:23pm

Watch classic arcade game Joust being destroyed!

Lonnie McDonald does it again.

Posted on 8/1/12 9:27am

NFL icons tell all in this Blitz promotional video

A look at a promo video for the 1997 arcade release NFL Blitz, featuring some NFL legends and a 'why is he in here with these guys' guy.

Posted on 7/22/12 4:08pm

Why I can no longer support Twin Galaxies under current ownership

Had to come to a difficult decision, but forced to pull any further support for the long-time scoreboard as long as it remains under it's current ownership. As a former high-ranking staff member, I hope this can be heard.

Posted on 7/18/12 10:51am

Kirby dances to Rick Astley - San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Kirby makes the ultimate rick roll at Comic Con

Posted on 7/11/12 12:44pm

Atari 40th Anniversary Tribute (June 27, 1972)

40 long years since our ancient video game predecessors were born.

Posted on 7/11/12 12:40pm

British Super Nintendo promotional video (1993)

All of your favorite old school nintendo games in one 20 minute video.

Posted on 7/11/12 12:37pm

Ben Gold VS Eric Ginner - Millipede World Championship (1983)

Back when the Major League gamers were cabinet players.

Posted on 7/11/12 12:25pm

Vintage Atari Summer Commercial - Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede & more

Although these kids are outside, all the games are supposed to be inside.

Posted on 7/11/12 12:21pm

Donkey Kong Junior - 30th Anniversary tribute

Donkey Kong Jr. was in a gameshow and had its own cereal.

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