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Posted on 3/15/13 9:34am

here's the code:

Posted on 2/26/13 5:00pm

SkullGirls Squigly Funding Campaign is Live!

Lab Zero Games and Squigly need your help!

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Posted on 1/18/13 12:32pm

Third Strike Nights With Friends Highlights #1

Friends get together for some SF3: Third Strike Online matches: Hilarious conversations, mad salt and getting bodied by one Chad "Oro Master" James!!

Posted on 12/19/12 8:01pm

Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers Coming to North America!

The missing entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series will finally hit North America!

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Posted on 12/13/12 11:43am

Trolling Chad James on SF: Third Strike! PERFECT!

It takes a god to Perfect Chad Muthaf*ckin' James!

Posted on 12/10/12 1:02pm

Square-Enix countdown site teases Star Ocean 5?!

New Square-Enix Game to be revealed on 12/12/2012

Posted on 10/10/12 10:05am

This Is Why Roulette Tuesday Rules!

Getting my Roulette Tuesday Prize!

Posted on 10/1/12 5:32pm

Profounf Sadness...Jared's depature is hard to swallow. But we are human, we must adapt... Also many thanks to Jared for everything at SA.

Posted on 9/25/12 3:20pm

Ahhh I won a RE6 shirt and third strike poster...I'm soo pumped!

Posted on 8/21/12 8:15am

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD releases on PSN today...shit I need money...least I can play the demo :3

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Posted on 8/17/12 8:00pm

Phantom's Game Pickups

I finally hit the jackpot in my hunts!

Posted on 7/30/12 4:34pm

Had an Awesome time at ConBravo. Met James Rolfe and Sam Mitchell. I just wish I had gotten their earlier and had more money to spend lol.

Posted on 7/19/12 9:00am

Ordered 5 different Japanese import fighting games the other day...goddamn mail, hurry up! Also got my copy os Sokko Setokai Sonic Council in the mail last week. WTF is that? Saturn import fighting game of course :3 My plan is to eventually buy a Dazzle or whatever and do some sort of fighting game show for screwattack... yeah because people are dying to see fighting games they've never seen. Lol I'll be lucky to get a couple views xD

Posted on 7/7/12 8:57am


Posted on 7/3/12 9:02am

Today's my birthday :3 Man, I'm gonna celebrate by going retro game hunting with birthday money lolz. Also Cake...

Posted on 6/20/12 7:55am

Shit I forgot I had an account setup with a deputy service. Getting stuff from yahoo auctions japan...damn it's a complicated process lol. Bought some stuff though...yay more import SWAG.

Posted on 6/14/12 9:38am

I HATE getting outbid at the last possible second. Fuck Ebay.

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Posted on 6/12/12 4:44pm

Another Canadian?!

Posted on 6/8/12 3:14pm

Well here are pics of most my pickups:

Posted on 6/1/12 4:45pm

Woot 2 of the 4 packages I'm waiting for came in today. Big Bang Beat And Umineko :D

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