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Phoonn's Wall

1/2/13 4:28pm
Phoonn posted a new video

Kraid's Lair: Metroid, Acoustic

A little rendition of Kraid's Lair from Metroid.
11/17/12 10:14pm
Phoonn posted a new video

Kaepora Gaebora Cover LoZ

Just a Ocarina of Time : LoZ classic tune, also I hate that damn owl.
8/26/12 12:44pm
Phoonn posted a new video

Pokemon G/S/C : National Park

Hey, it's just me playing the National Park theme song from Pokemon G/S/C
6/23/12 11:30pm
Phoonn posted a new video

Temple of Time: LoZ Acoustic

Playing Temple of Time from Legend of Zelda....
5/29/12 5:27pm
Phoonn posted a new video

Super Mario Bros. Underground

Super Mario Bros. Underground Medley
5/29/12 11:22am
Craig wrote on Phoonn's profile.

Thanks for coming to the g1 community! Make sure to use your wall to communicate with others in the community and also share your videos and blog posts. We look forward to having you here.

5/28/12 2:31pm
Phoonn posted a new show
Gaming Music

Gaming Music

Here is where I play some videogame music on my guitar or whatever.