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All videos posted by Phoonn

Kraid's Lair: Metroid, Acoustic

Posted on 1/2 | Show: Gaming Music
A little rendition of Kraid's Lair from Metroid.

Kaepora Gaebora Cover LoZ

Posted on 11/17 | Show: Gaming Music
Just a Ocarina of Time : LoZ classic tune, also I hate that damn owl.

Pokemon G/S/C : National Park

Posted on 8/26 | Show: Gaming Music
Hey, it's just me playing the National Park theme song from Pokemon G/S/C

Temple of Time: LoZ Acoustic

Posted on 6/23 | Show: Gaming Music
Playing Temple of Time from Legend of Zelda....

Super Mario Bros. Underground

Posted on 5/29 | Show: Gaming Music
Super Mario Bros. Underground Medley

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