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pre10do64's Wall

9/12/14 6:28pm
xherosonic wrote on pre10do64's profile.

Did you get your Smash Bros code yet? I'm still waiting

3/5/14 11:24am
ElijahRice wrote on pre10do64's profile.

Quick question, how old do you think I am?

10/24/13 12:57am
Oolen wrote on pre10do64's profile.

Added you on 3DS! mine is 2148-8196-8719

7/6/12 6:50pm

I'm going to Funland Arcade in Panama City Beach in two weeks. I don't know anything about it

7/6/12 2:21pm

I just noticed that on the poll of the day, "If the Triforce suddenly appeared at your door and split in front of you, which part do you think you would recieve?" so for the Wisdom is the majority vote with 35%. Extreme lolz right there! 35% of the people who did that poll consider themselves wise, rofl! Yeah right!