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Project_Fedora's Subscribers

  • SuperChunLi89

    QUESTS Subscribe to everything [COMPLETE] Customize profile with images [PENDING] Create shows to organize posted videos [PENDING] Fill in biography with an actual About Me instead of a to-do list [PENDING] REWARD + 2...
  • ilikeoranges

    I love practically every video game available, and have been a huge fan of Screwattack over the years. I am advanced in both graphic design and film, and am hoping to post more content on this beautiful new site!

    Just like most people here, I am a wise gamer.
  • FrankHaggar

    Yo what`s up it`s FrankHaggar (formerly frankhaggar972) here. Well first of all my goal at Screwattack is to be the nice guy and giving feedback to blogs(that`s were i am mostly). Do I blog? Sure i got a bunch of series...
  • MegaPudding

    Hey everyone ! Well, since you stumbled upon my humble profile page, might as well get to know a little bit about me huh ? Im 29 years old, pretty much a true gaming enthusiast. Ive been lurking the site since 3 years...
  • MajorMooch

    Heya Screwattack! Name's Mark, aka Sandrock, aka MajorMooch. After lurking so long, finally decided to be a full G1. Here's to the best video game website on the interwebs. Also home to the League of Lawls, and...