Posted on 6/7/12 11:09pm

Meant to comment on Nintendo's E3 press conference sooner. It was good, but very underwhelming. I am definitely interested in Pikmin 3 and Nintendo world, but those were the only 2 major games they showed. They needed more of their heavy hitters. Do they not know how high in demand a new Star Fox and a new F-Zero are? Even if the games are in the first few months of development, at least show some teaser trailers! Nintendo also lacked a sense of direction for their conference. They were all over the place. They went back and forth between 1st and 3rd party games too much.

Posted on 6/1/12 5:09pm

Now I just need to use my Photoshop powers to make my profile look better. I bow to the King of Photoshop, Revulsive. May he bless my attemps at making my background and banner look cool.

Posted on 6/1/12 5:06pm

I should have gotten it back two week ago, but the repair company sent my laptop to my school address. And then my school sent it back to them, because apparently UPS is retarded and doesn't allow you to forward packages.

Posted on 6/1/12 5:02pm


Posted on 5/22/12 3:18pm

Phase 2 is finally up! Looks spiffeh. My profile will look better once I get my laptop back. Needed to have my hard drive replaced.

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