Posted on 7/29/15 8:13pm

Things are looking considerably more bleak for the chances of King K. Rool being playable in Smash and that upsets me. Sakurai, I respect you for all the hard work you went through to give us this game and will never hate you for your decisions. But your reasoning for not making Ridley playable and potentially (hopefully not) deciding to add King K. Rool as a Mii fighter costume and not a playable character is, sorry to say, completely idiotic.

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Posted on 7/12/15 9:03pm
Posted on 6/14/15 1:39pm

Ryu and Roy are awesome. Lucas is cool too.

Posted on 6/9/15 9:11pm

Holy Crap the hate for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice is unjustified. The games not even out yet people, come on.

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Posted on 6/7/15 8:18pm

4 ideas I'd like to see in One Minute Melee

It's no DEATH BATTLE, but I still enjoy One Minute Melee. At least enough to have thought of 4 ideas that I'd like to see in it.

Posted on 5/21/15 12:25pm

The spambots are back. Fuck -_-

Posted on 5/15/15 1:26am

Decided to watch Fatal Fiction to see what the fuss was about. And I want to have a talk with the guy in the comments on the ODBFB's Top 10 of fights we want to see that said that DEATH BATTLE shouldn't do Megman vs. Astroboy or Little Mac vs. Rocky because Fatal Fiction already did them. At least when and if DEATH BATTLE does them they'd be good. No offense to anyone here who might be involved with the show but I can't even sit through a single episode.

Posted on 5/10/15 6:29pm

So there was an ad banner for Splatoon during the baseball game between Seattle and Oklahoma today. Looks like Nintendo's starting to get the picture with Marketing.

LSwan62 wrote on psb123's profile.
Posted on 5/6/15 12:36am

Thanks for the sub, brah!

Posted on 5/5/15 10:41pm

Thanks for the sub dude

Posted on 5/5/15 10:34pm

Sword. Or Whip. I CAN'T DECIDE!!!!

Posted on 5/2/15 1:55am

Competitive Mario Party Tournaments. Is this idea good or bad?

Posted on 4/29/15 4:17pm

Just unlocked 200cc on Mario Kart 8. I got high off of the speed.

Posted on 4/1/15 9:24pm

Today's Nintendo Direct was amazing through and through but the best part was Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem hands DOWN.

Posted on 2/22/15 10:31pm

Random Fact of the Day. Pikachu vs. Blanka has way more comments then Link vs. Cloud. Make of that what you will.

Posted on 2/22/15 1:23pm

*Sees another "What DEATH BATTLE got wrong" blog. MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

Posted on 2/16/15 3:44pm

So, who else is going to SGC this year? I know I definitely intend to.

Posted on 2/4/15 9:33pm

Do yourselves a favor guys. STAY AWAY from any screwattack facebook post. The sheer amount of impatient whiny brats over Toph vs. Gaara is actually kind of impressive in a really pathetic way. Even posts that have nothing to do with DEATH BATTLE have these comments (albeit not as much).

Posted on 1/14/15 11:34am

Dat Nintendo Direct that aired today yo.

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Posted on 11/21/14 9:10am

Top 50 Music Tracks I want in SSB for Wii U Part 5

The last part of my smash music list.

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