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Queldroma's Wall

12/13/12 1:56am
Queldroma posted a new video
7/12/12 11:34pm
Queldroma posted a new video

Dead Fantasy by Mont Youm

Minds will be blown
7/5/12 10:36pm
Queldroma posted a new video

College Saga.(by Mark Leung)

This classic is a long one but it well worth watching so grab some popcorn and enjoy.
7/4/12 11:09pm

Hello G1s and subscribers. I would like to address the rumors speculating around me about being a professional animator. Sorry to say this but its just not true. (though it would be frigging awesome if I was). The video I posted on July 4th 2012, Haloid, was just a awesome video I saw a while ago and wanted to share to the community. I' am truly sorry sorry if I ever misinformed anyone somehow. The animator who is noted of creating this epic video goes by the name of Monty Oum. I would also recommend watching his other awesome masterpiece called Dead Fantasy, but back to the point I am not a animator and I am again sorry of misinforming any of you. I will take this as a lesson of giving credit to people’s work more clearly, in the near future.

7/4/12 1:46pm
Queldroma posted a new video

Master Chief Vs Samus Aran (Haloid)

Watch The madness unfolds and forget realism
7/4/12 10:48am
Gaijin Goombah wrote on Queldroma's profile.

Thanks for the sub man! and DAMN fine animations good sir!!!

7/4/12 10:43am
Gaijin Goombah wrote on Queldroma's profile.

Thanks for the sub bro!

5/29/12 12:03pm
Craig wrote on Queldroma's profile.

Thanks for coming to the g1 community! Make sure to use your wall to communicate with others in the community and also share your videos and blog posts. We look forward to having you here.


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