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Last Life got a Double Fine adrenaline shot at PAX East 2014

Posted at 9:01pm | Show: Random Awesomeness
Last Life's developer answered Double Fine's tweet looking for indies, and the next thing he knew, he was talking to Sean Hinz inside the Double Fine booth at PAX East 2014!

Darknet brings 90s hacker movies to life at PAX East 2014

Posted at 5:08pm | Show: Random Awesomeness
With the power of the Oculus Rift, Darknet will let you finally live out all those 90s hacking movies!

Max Gentlemen manhandles all the other "manly" games! - PAX East 2014

Posted at 12:59pm | Show: Random Awesomeness
What started with an email about penis pills became something far more manly.

Aztez interview from atop a mighty throne! PAX East 2014 | ScrewAttack

Posted on 4/18 | Show: Random Awesomeness
Join Sean as he interviews Team Colorblind from atop their mighty throne!

Nosgoth may suck all your time away - PAX East 2014

Posted on 4/18 | Show: Random Awesomeness
The Legacy of Kain series is returning in a way many people wouldn't have guessed, and Sean is finding out all about it.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a ghostly good time at PAX East 2014

Posted on 4/18 | Show: Random Awesomeness
Get ready to solve your own murder and find out how haunted Salem Mass. really is in Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Evolve will be the next big thing in multiplayer

Posted on 4/18 | Show: Random Awesomeness
From the makers of Left 4 Dead comes multiplayer's next evolution!

Craig vs Black Nerd Comedy: Test of Inflatable Might

Posted on 4/17 | Show: Random Awesomeness
At PAX East 2014, Craig and Andre from Black Nerd Comedy had a score to settle over absolutely nothing. Hosted by our friend Hip Hop Gamer!

An interview with one of the geniuses behind JetGetters

Posted on 4/17 | Show: Random Awesomeness
Inspired by the craziest stunts seen in games like Battlefield and Just Cause 2, JetGetters is a game to get excited for. Sean already is.

PAX East 2014 - Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Impressions!

Posted on 4/16 | Show: Random Awesomeness
Bang, zoom, straight to Pandora's moon! Bryan and Sean sat in on 2K's presentation for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, and after what they saw, Bryan is looking forward to it.

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