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4/18/14 5:43pm

Aztez interview from atop a mighty throne! PAX East 2014 | ScrewAttack

Join Sean as he interviews Team Colorblind from atop their mighty throne!
4/18/14 2:40pm

Nosgoth may suck all your time away - PAX East 2014

The Legacy of Kain series is returning in a way many people wouldn't have guessed, and Sean is finding out all about it.
4/18/14 1:16pm

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a ghostly good time at PAX East 2014

Get ready to solve your own murder and find out how haunted Salem Mass. really is in Murdered: Soul Suspect.
4/18/14 11:21am

Evolve will be the next big thing in multiplayer

From the makers of Left 4 Dead comes multiplayer's next evolution!
4/17/14 3:13pm

An interview with one of the geniuses behind JetGetters

Inspired by the craziest stunts seen in games like Battlefield and Just Cause 2, JetGetters is a game to get excited for. Sean already is.
4/17/14 11:12am

Craig vs Black Nerd Comedy: Test of Inflatable Might

At PAX East 2014, Craig and Andre from Black Nerd Comedy had a score to settle over absolutely nothing. Hosted by our friend Hip Hop Gamer!
4/16/14 4:46pm

PAX East 2014 - Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Impressions!

Bang, zoom, straight to Pandora's moon! Bryan and Sean sat in on 2K's presentation for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, and after what they saw, Bryan is looking forward to it.
4/16/14 2:05pm

Get the scoop on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number!

Sean interviews Devolver Digital partner Nigel Lowrie at PAX East 2014 about what's new and what's returning in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.
4/10/14 2:34pm

18 Reasons We LOVE Titanfall!

Hardcore Parkour and giant Mechs!
4/3/14 1:18pm

17 Reasons We LOVE Diablo 3!

It's the 17 Reasons We LOVE Diablo 3!
3/31/14 7:47am
DewCanM wrote on Random Awesomeness's profile.

PEEPS EATING CHALLENGE!!! You know since Easter is coming up and all.

3/27/14 2:52pm

18 Reasons We LOVE Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater!

We celebrate one of the best entries in the Metal Gear franchise!
3/20/14 2:19pm

18 Reasons We LOVE South Park!

This show is insane! Here's 18 reasons why we love it.
3/19/14 11:37am

The Capri Sun Challenge

Can newbie Parker down 15 Capri Suns?
3/5/14 1:04pm

The Manliest Candy

We ate some weird unknown foreign candy. What could go wrong?
2/20/14 10:28am

16 Reasons We LOVE Chun Li

From wall bouncing to crazy kicks, here's the 16 reasons we LOVE Chun Li!
2/7/14 12:54pm

The Best Yoshi's Island Player Alive

We keep saying it, but everybody loves Smash Bros. - even speed runners! We had a quick second at Apex 2014 to talk with Trihex, a well-known Yoshi's Island runner.
2/6/14 2:42pm

28 Reasons We LOVE Dragon Ball Z!

From the crazy antics to the epic battles, here's the 28 reasons we LOVE Dragon Ball Z!
1/31/14 12:36pm
1/6/14 6:46pm

Nintendo vs Sega with Emmitt Smith

We bumped into Emmit Smith the football legend and started talking video games. Imagine that.

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