Random Awesomeness

Posted on 10/31/14 2:32pm

The Pumpkin Pie Eating Challenge

Three minutes. Two pies. One shot at Halloween glory.

Posted on 10/30/14 1:54pm

Internet All-Stars Challenge Rd. 5: Kyle Bosman

Ben Singer raised the bar in the Internet All-Stars Challenge, and there's only one competitor remaining: Kyle Bosman. Can the man from Gametrailers rise to the occasion and win this competition? Can he channel his inner Thor Aackerlund to take it all?

Posted on 10/26/14 12:20pm

Love is in the air on Live!

There were plenty of public displays of affection this week on ScrewAttack Live! Everyone from androids to green jungle men to sloths let the world know how they feel.

Posted on 10/23/14 2:17pm

Internet All-Stars Challenge Rd. 4: Ben Singer

It's time for ScrewAttack's own Ben Singer to take his turn in the Internet All-Stars Challenge! Can the creator of DEATH BATTLE! rise to the top?

Posted on 10/19/14 12:16pm

Bill Cosby + Facehugger = WTF?!?

Part of doing live shows is interacting with the audience, and sometimes that results in bizarre creations. But watching SA Live also means seeing Craig do what people said he could never do! See more like this LIVE Mon-Thurs at 10pm CST on ScrewAttack LIVE!

Posted on 10/16/14 1:53pm

Internet All-Stars Challenge Rd. 3: Jesse Cox

Jesse Cox is up for his turn in the Internet All-Stars Challenge! Brandon Jones has the lead, has Jesse learned from the two people before him or will he fail harder? Find out!

Posted on 10/12/14 12:27pm

Teleporting Androids, Alien Bitchtits, and Giant Azdushes on ScrewAttack Live!

If you aren't watching ScrewAttack Live, you're missing out on things like teleporting androids, giant azdushes, and helping give xenomorphs adorable names, like Bitchtits. See what else you missed!

Posted on 10/9/14 1:38pm

Internet All-Stars Challenge Rd. 2: Gametrailers' Brandon Jones

After Adam Kovic made the first run of the night, the voice of Gametrailers was next to step up and try his luck in Nintendo World Championships. Can Brandon Jones beat Adam's score?!?

Posted on 10/2/14 2:28pm

**NEW SHOW** Internet All-Stars Challenge Rd. 1: Machinima's Adam Kovic

5 internet all-stars came together at PAX Prime '14 to see who was a true champion in Nintendo World Championships. First up? Machinima's Adam Kovic! Can he master Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris in 6 minutes and 21 seconds? It's time to find out!

Posted on 9/10/14 12:14pm

Assassin's Creed Betrays the Order by going Rogue | PAXPrime 2014

Sean speaks with Rogue producer Ivan Balabanov about the exciting PS3/360 exclusive Assassin's Creed Rogue!

Posted on 9/4/14 6:11pm

What we Think we Know About Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

2K shows us how Claptrap works in the upcoming Gearbox and 2K Australia's release of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Posted on 9/4/14 6:02pm

Shadow of Mordor Orc Slaying 101| Pax Prime 2014

Want to be a ring wraith? Maybe make an orc's head explode with your mind?

Posted on 9/4/14 4:05pm

Far Cry 4 Total Animal Annihilation | PAX Prime 2014

What should we expect from the new Far Cry?

Posted on 9/4/14 3:27pm

Mortal Kombat X Introduces New Faces and Fatalities | PAX Prime 2014

Sean interviews Adam Urbano, Senior Producer of Mortal Kombat X, to get more details about the exciting new installment in the classic franchise!

Posted on 9/4/14 10:17am

Playing with Toy Soldiers: War Chest at PAX Prime '14 | ScrewAttack News

Signal Studios and Ubisoft are taking it back to your childhood with Toy Soldiers: War Chest. Find out just how rainbow shooting unicorns, wily kaisers, and others with thrown down in 2015!

Posted on 8/22/14 1:46pm
Posted on 8/18/14 10:14am

Diablo III Week Starts Tuesday!

Sam and Nick take you to hell in Diablo III hardcore mode Tuesday - Thursday at 2:00 pm CST!

Posted on 8/13/14 4:59pm

ScrewAttack HQ Competition - Game #3 (Strikers 1945)

Nobody expected this much drama out of a top-down arcade shooter. Nobody.

Posted on 8/11/14 11:54am

ScrewAttack HQ Competition - Game #1 (F-Zero)

On the last day at the old HQ we had an inner-office tournament on our arcade games! Who will have the best time on F-Zero?

Posted on 8/6/14 4:38pm

Closing sentimental thoughts on the old HQ

We give our thoughts on the previous HQ, and what the future location opens up for us!